About Paula

We are a full-service interior design firm for clients who want one-of-a-kind homes. Using natural materials, innovative perspectives, and a profound commitment to detail, we create harmonious living spaces that are as comfortable as they are unique and timeless. When you partner with Paula Berg Design from the start of your project, we’ll ensure the architectural details, finishes and furnishings work together to achieve a vision personal to you. “I take the time to learn who my clients are and how they live their lives,” Paula says, “because that makes the difference between a designed house and a designed home.”

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“The clients trust me thoroughly to meet their expectations,” says Paula

Paula Berg’s lifelong love of the arts and travel has been instrumental in shaping her work as a designer. Paula attended Ohio University, earning a degree in Communications.  Her interest in learning about other cultures, traditions, and the arts was sparked by her first trip studying abroad while spending a semester in Vienna, Austria.  After teaching English and drama for a year, Paula decided to become a “stewardess” for Pan Am enabling her to travel the globe.

“I feel the tourism experience has kept me broad-minded, willing to draw on many traditions and opportunities to complete a job to my clients’ needs and desires.  A passion for the arts has helped make me a particularly sensitive designer.”

Over the years Paula’s interest in interior design grew and she decided that formal training would be required to pursue a career path as a designer.  Completing a graduate program in interior design from Georgia State University, her professional career began.  She briefly hosted a radio program on design while teaching design classes in the Boston area before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona.  In Scottsdale, she opened Beyond Horizons, and interior design boutique store that offered both high quality designer furnishings and superior service.  The retails store reflected her expertise as a purveyor of fine furnishings as well as her affinity at that time for Southwest style.

While building a loyal customer base, Paula decided it was time to start her own design firm, Paula Berg Design Associates.  Since then, Paula and her team have won numerous ASID awards, and for two homes she designed, the most prestigious award bestowed by the National Association of Home Builders: “National Home of the Year.”  Paula was one of the original professionals to earn a “Master of Southwest” accolade from the “Phoenix Home and Garden ” Magazine.

While establishing a home base office in Park City, Utah, her style has evolved to encompass a broad range of design styles including contemporary, art deco, mountain modern,  mountain rustic, Tuscan, contemporary Hawaiian, and most recently a home of Palladian architecture in Cherry Hills, Colorado.  Paula attributes her success to first attracting incredible discerning clients, an old fashioned tenacity with a tireless drive to create magical environments for these clients.  Her profound commitment to attention to detail insures that all projects are executed flawlessly leaving her clientele with the satisfaction of having been fully served.  She has also become known for her unique use of natural and innovative combinations of materials, especially textures, patinas, and surface contrasts.  She was one of the first designers in the Southwest to introduce stained concrete floors, etched metals, and combinations of exotic woods for the creation of one-of a kind furniture designs.

Paula is often integrated into the design team for new construction at a very early stage to consult for onsite selections and schematics allowing for “livability” input, streamlining the design process.  Consultation regarding the selection and harmony of building  materials, including the color and textures of wood, stone, metal, concrete, etc. help ensure a complete client satisfaction.

The most important facet of Paula’s business is her “client centered philosophy”.  What makes me different is my ability to adapt to the client’s needs, Paula says, “I am a great listener and because I am very interested in the detail, I will go that extra mile to provide interiors that are timeless and trendsetting if clients are more adventurous.”  The relationship she develops with her clients has provided the opportunity to become their designer of choice, often for a lifetime.  It is not unusual for Paula to design a client’s primary residence and then follow with the design of other projects including second homes and businesses throughout the United States and beyond.