A New Look at the Modern Southwestern Style

When some people think of Southwestern style interior design, they might picture design elements such as Navajo tapestries, rustic wood furniture, adobe walls and cow skulls. While these features are commonly used in rustic renderings of this style, Southwestern design as a whole is much more versatile. There are many subtle ways to add touches of the Southwest to your home, and I often use this approach to contemporize spaces with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

southwestern interior designer

In this open plan home I designed, wood and stone architectural features add earthy, organic qualities, but the space is clearly modern. To imbue some Southwestern charm, we added chairs upholstered in an updated geometric Southwestern pattern, a contemporary sculpture in the colors of a desert sunset and small decorative touches throughout for additional visual hints. While there are no bold Southwestern accents, the feeling is nevertheless congruent with a modern Southwestern style.

southwestern interior designer

This is the same home viewed from a different vantage point. The color palette contains gold, beige and other hues that bring to mind sand, adobe and other elements you might find in the desert Southwest. The wall art on the far left side of this hall is rich with pink, gold tan and grey with a dash of turquoise. While the painting is stylized and contemporary, the colors evoke desert horizons.

southwestern interior designer

Here the Southwestern style is more obvious, but the look remains ultra modern. The room’s color palette is rich with saturated harvest tones, while a collection of Southwestern style pottery and some adobe-like shelves imbue the room with Old World charm. I chose a patterned textile for the furniture pieces and completed the design with a uniquely patterned rug. Other elements, such as framed wall art and a potted green plant, add a pop of color for extra visual interest. This Southwestern room contains a uniquely contemporary appeal.

If you desire unique Southwestern interior designs with a contemporary twist, we can help turn your vision into reality. Contact us today at Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more about our interior design services.

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