Making Room for Guests

A well-appointed guest room offers visitors comfort and beautiful style during their stay. These surprisingly important areas can even make an overall impression about your home. With this in mind, I design guest bedrooms with the same amount of care as other areas in the home.

Colors have an immediate impact on the eye, so I make sure every palette evokes good feelings and reflects the home’s style. In this ample, airy interior, deep blue duvets and warm wood bed frames lend soothing luxuriant energy, while multicolored pillows add vibrancy. To pull the design together, I made sure the beds’ colors were represented in the throw rug and the seating in the adjoining room. Fresh flowers are always a popular touch as they show guests you care.

A mountain style home lends itself to lodge-themed bedrooms. In this case, I included a bed with a rustic wood frame to set the stage with complementing nightstands. Gold bedding and decorative accents brighten the room, while setting a warm and inviting tone. Interesting lamps add character to the space, while small, practical details, such as the wine and glass holder and the box of tissues, add to a guest’s comfort.

Too often, a guest bedroom is treated as an afterthought. However, if you want your guests to feel like royalty, let your respect for them be reflected in your design. With exposed beams on the ceiling, a hand carved door, majestic bed and storage chest, this room seems fit for a king. We placed the bed in the center to emphasize the main attraction and to keep the room from feeling too large and empty. Colorful bouquets and lamps enliven the room, bringing cheer.

For beautiful guest bedroom designs, as well as everything else, count on us at Paula Berg Design Associates to make your dream home a reality. Contact us today to learn more.

Bunk Up in Your Mountain Home

Bunk beds are hard to beat when you’re trying to save space and increase functionality. While they’re particularly suitable for children’s bedrooms, the right design can also enhance guest rooms in contemporary mountain homes. When I incorporate bunks beds into room designs, I do so with both aesthetic appeal and practical needs in mind.

Custom bunk beds give this children’s room a fun, summer camp feel. In this room, I added several matching bunk beds in rustic blue and brown finishes to provide the perfect sleeping area for young cowboys and mountain rangers. A lot of play space is spared with under-bed storage and bunks instead of standard twin beds.

For a couple’s guest room, a double or king-sized bed is more suitable than a twin-sized one. In this room, I incorporated custom bunks that have larger-sized beds on the bottom and twin beds at the top to offer versatility for families. In addition, the retreat-like feel of bunk beds fits right in with the home’s mountain style.

We chose a light wood finish to maintain a spacious feeling in this room. Additionally, practical features, such as built-in shelves and under bed storage, give guests a designated space to keep their belongings. These beds also boast reading lamps for an extra boost of functionality.

Adding connected, built-in bunk beds in this room transformed the space into a functional retreat that can sleep up to six people. Colorful floral bedding adds a feminine touch, the look of the room could be changed significantly by switching out the bedding.

The scalloping on these bed frames adds style, but it also promotes the feeling that each bed is a private sanctuary. By using bunk beds, the room can comfortably accommodate twice as many visitors than if we used standard beds.

When you want to update your mountain home bedroom, look to us at Paula Berg Design Associates. Contact us today to learn more about our design services.

Unique Credenzas Add Interest to Formal Dining Areas

Is there a room in your home that could use an interesting focal point? Adding a smart, multi-functional piece like a credenza can add not only style and function, but also extra storage just where you need it most.

Contrary to popular belief, a credenza isn’t the same thing as a buffet. It’s a rather wide set of cabinets that sit low to the floor on slim legs, sometimes with sliding doors. Here’s just one way a credenza can complete the look and feel of your rustic mountain home.

This room is ideal on so many levels. The dining room strikes a happy medium with handsome, strong furniture and wood finishes adorned by a simple floral arrangement and two pretty landscapes scenes on the wall and, of course, on the surface of the credenza.

If you focus on just the credenza, you’ll begin to realize just how powerful this one piece of furniture is. As a strong focal point, it doesn’t overwhelm the room. It fits perfectly up against the wall as if it was built specifically for this spot. It’s rare to find a piece that sits so snugly!

From dinner parties to holiday gatherings, the surface of this credenza is a convenient extra tabletop for everything from hors d’oeuvres to drinks and condiments. For families that prefer mealtime with no distractions, everyone can sit their smartphones and tablets on the credenza until the meal is complete.

This credenza is also the perfect conversation starter. Because of its unique face, guests will surely ask about this one-of-a-kind piece, making for lively conversation at the table. How delightful! When the party’s over, it can store platters and other silverware you may not want on display.

If you’re unsure how unique pieces of furniture can blend into your home, Paula Berg Design Associates can help. Contact our experienced teams in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ to discuss how our expertise can be of service to you!

Rustic Refinement with Natural Stone

When applied to mountain home design, natural stone packs a powerful punch, even in places where you least expect it. Adding texture, drama and warmth, you can easily achieve a multi-faceted space with this one feature.

It may not be fall right now, but this entryway would be quite the dream to walk into on a crisp, cold October day. It’s quite mesmerizing in a unique way. Just think of the complexity involved to perfect each piece of stone in this unified design. If you truly admire architecture and its flexibility, a stone feature in your home will represent so much more than just something pretty to look at.

It’s not every day that stacked stone is seen inside the home. Often accentuating pools and landscapes, this bathroom pulls a lot inspiration from the outdoors. If there was ever a place to add an unexpected touch at home, natural stone in this private space is no doubt in a league of its own. Character and charm proudly lead the way here. If anything, this bathroom should serve as inspiration. Stone can live anywhere in the home!

In both images, you’ll notice how these designs are great examples of incorporating stacked stone in a random, natural pattern. There’s no need for grout or any type of epoxy to make the stones perfectly symmetrical.  In both cases, stones are arranged much like how you’d find them in their natural habitat. This is what makes natural stone in mountain homes so realistic and authentic. Another feature you may not have noticed is that each floor also incorporates more rugged stone.

Think beyond your typical fireplace with a stone surround and stone incorporated into landscapes. Could your bedroom, bathroom or any other space use a touch of mountain flair? Natural stone might be what the doctor ordered. Paula Berg Design Associates would love to help you achieve the mountain style home you want and deserve. Contact one of our showrooms in Park City or Scottsdale for more information about letting us spearhead your project.

Fresh Floral Arrangements Bring Fresh Style

In the world of interior design, trends come and go all the time. From bold color blocking and shades of gray to Pantone’s Color of the Year, there’s always a new fad that eventually has to make way for something new.

And then there’s florals.

No matter the space, the fresh presence of flowers breathes life into the atmosphere. Whether it’s live blooms in a vase or tucked neatly in a basket, the elegance of classic flowers never goes out of style.

Anyone who opposes the idea of fresh flowers as decor is probably thinking a bit too hard about what can and should be a very simple concept. Sometimes, all it takes is a hint of floral essence to top off a well-designed space. Clean, understated arrangements can help create a surprisingly modern look and feel. Allow some of our projects to demonstrate what this means.

Should you add florals in an unexpected space? Absolutely! This very handsome bar nook is characterized by dark chocolate wood finishes and a neutral color scheme. However, touch of femininity can always make even the most macho of spaces a little more interesting.

This thin sculpture of a floral arrangement makes a huge statement. Notice how the white bloom contrasts so nicely with the floral painting in the background.

Oftentimes, floral arrangements are so distinct that less really is more. This clean, zen-like bathroom only needs a hint of natural flair.

Another way to use florals in decor is to make them the statement piece in a sea of neutral, earthy tones. The eye is naturally drawn to this coffee table where the only impression of color is the greenery.

This small yet bold floral arrangement is the perfect contrast to what lies just outside the window — the hard coldness of concrete. Here, a space heavily defined by straight lines is slightly softened with florals.

Let Paula Berg Design Associates help enhance the aesthetic of your mountain home with florals and other natural elements. Contact one of our design teams in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today!

Bold Floral Prints for Your Luxury Home

Spring is on the horizon and that can only mean one thing — floral prints! Many homeowners cringe at the thought of florals in the home, but these prints don’t have to be present in every nook and cranny of every room. In fact, we’d advise against that. However, there are many modern ways to bring the energy of florals into your home without making your design look dated.

This blue and white room screams coastal, nautical New England. It smartly showcases a fresh design technique that’s not easily approached, like mixing and matching floral prints. Although the colors are identical, there are a few different floral patterns co-mingling in this single space. The trick here is careful coordination, not outright duplication. Lastly, this seaside inspired space is proof that you can have a mountain style home with influence from other regions!

Here is a more understated example of how you can still pay homage to the floral patterns you so desperately crave. The window treatments, pillows and chairs all share the same print, but it’s not overwhelming given the totality of this large breakfast nook. If you’re worried about overpowering a room with too much color or pattern, err on the side of caution by using florals to accessorize here and there.

There are lots of other ways to incorporate bold floral patterns that’ll bring wonderful energy and vibrant colors to any space. Flower power can be achieved with everything from wallpaper, China and dinnerware to artwork, table linens and other accessories.

So, what’s your flower obsession? From romantic roses and tulips to funky sunflowers and dainty daisies, Paula Berg Design Associates can bring life, color and interest to your luxury mountain home. Contact one of our offices in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ to speak with our team about your home’s design needs!

Create a Private Outdoor Escape

Blurred lines are the name of the game when it comes to your home’s outdoor escape. Now more than ever, homeowners just like you are realizing the potential that lies just outside the back door. Porches, patios, sunrooms, decks and balconies are just a few of the possibilities that’ll take your outdoor space to the next level, even if you’re surrounded by mountain peaks.

There are multiple features that can add life and enjoyment to your extra square footage outside. Pools and other water features, fire pits and gazebos — the list goes on and on. Let’s take a look at some specific (and inspiring) examples.

Here, there’s plenty of possibility for both fun in the sun and relaxation in the cool shade. The patio table and umbrella make it easy to enjoy the scenery without the risk of sunburn or too much discomfort. With this set up, outdoor entertaining couldn’t be easier. There’s plenty of seating, comfy pillows and shade.

Bright pillows achieve something that you don’t often see in mountain style homes — a touch of Bohemian tropical flair. In this bungalow style cabana, lounging after a swim is strongly encouraged and highly recommended. Are we in Mexico? It sure looks and feels like it!

No traditional mountain home would be complete without wood, and lots of it! Here, the bar, chairs, side table, ceiling, window frames and wall shelving unit are all made of this lovely natural material.

What’s admirable about all three of these spaces is that they each, in their own unique way, extend from the inside out. Each outdoor oasis allows these homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds. They all beckon you to come inside (or out) with bare feet and a cold glass of lemonade.

It’s time for the interior of your home to extend outdoors and enhance your mountain home’s overall aesthetic appeal. If you’re located near Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ, get in touch with our team at Paula Berg Design Associates!

Live Plants Invite the Outdoors In

Every room could use a touch of green. If you’re thinking about pistachio walls, chartreuse pillows and teal upholstery, think again. When you’ve got a thing for green, bringing the outdoors in with live plants is the ultimate nod to nature.

Warm tones fill this great room, so the foliage placed sporadically throughout are excellent for adding coolness and balancing the earthy browns and reds.

Even the smallest hint of greenery can make a huge impact. This all-white space is a great example of that. Too much white can sometimes wash out a room. But the sprawling plants toward the left give this space the balance it needs.

You can’t ignore how this romantic oasis is framed by greenery on either side. These homeowners might as well be in Hawaii, or perhaps in a Mexican villa!

If you are worried about the upkeep involved with live plants, there’s nothing wrong with adorning your mountain style home with artificial foliage. There’s no watering required, and you won’t have to worry about which plants need to be in direct sunlight. You might not be able to tell if the potted plant on this coffee table is the real deal or not. But one thing is for sure — it’s simple yet appropriate for the surrounding space. One plant could be all the green you need.

This gathering space represents the best of both the indoors and outdoors. Floor to ceiling windows provide a breathtaking view and the seating nearby make guests feel as if they’re already outside, perhaps sitting around a campfire. Since this space is already packed with natural elements and colors, the greenery surrounding it is fitting. What you’ll notice in almost all of these spaces is that the greenery stretches up toward the ceiling. Don’t assume that foliage is limited to potted plants on a coffee table. Tall or elevated greenery helps add height to even the most cramped space.

Incorporating plants into your home could run the gamut from underdone to over the top. Let our team at Paula Berg Design Associates customize a mountain home design that smartly brings greenery into your living space!

Make the Most of Your View

Real estate 101 taught us that when it comes to buying a home or lot, it’s all about location, location and location. From a city skyline or a waterfront beach to snow-capped mountains, a glorious view can take on many different faces. Of course, the latter is what we love out west! If an outdoor view is what you crave, designing a home that also caters to the outdoors presents a dual challenge — but it can be done. After all, making sure that a unique tree with organic twists and curves is perfectly framed right outside your dining room window is no easy feat.

A room with a view requires very little in the realm of furnishing and decor. Keeping it minimal and simple forces the human eye outside to Mother Nature’s own piece of wondrous art. The neutral, slightly monochromatic color scheme inside is very reminiscent of what’s seen outside — a majestic mountain view. Here, it’s clear to see why homes that offer a view often go for a premium price tag. They’re classy, exclusive and luxurious.

Trees and acres of rolling grass just outside deserve floor-to-ceiling windows. The seating in this spacious living room is amplified by the backdrop outside.

Whether you’re able to enjoy an outdoor view or not, don’t forget that bringing the outdoors in is always an option. Wood, stone, plants, water features, landscape art, natural light and organic forms will all help keep Mother Nature close by.

Beautiful views are also said to improve our health, believe it or not. Various studies have shown that a constant view of the outdoors can lift your mental capacity. What a perfect excuse for floor-to-ceiling windows!

If you own a mountain style home, there should be plenty of opportunity for you to capture the essence of Mother Nature in your living space. Luckily, our team here at Paul Berg Design Associates thrives on creating living spaces that bring the outdoors in. Contact us in Park City or Scottsdale to learn more about how we can transform your home into a work of art that welcomes nature inside.

Natural Forms in Unexpected Places

Here at Paula Berg Design Associates, we truly believe in using nature as a guide when designing our clients’ mountain-inspired homes. Most people take for granted the beauty of Mother Nature. From glistening white snow to the clear blue sky, there’s inspiration to be found year-round when you step outside your front door. This goes not only for colors, but also for shapes and even animals as well. When you consider nature’s totality, there’s plenty of inspiration outside that can be brought indoors.

We designed this organic space to look like a glamorous dinner setting in the middle of the woods. It’s so real that you probably didn’t even notice the trees outside the windows! Natural lighting set against natural elements is the perfect way to contrast deep, dark materials.

The two massive tree trunk columns, natural stone wall, hardwood floors and rustic chandelier topped with a modest evergreen motif all come together to form the ultimate nature-inspired living space. Although many raw materials were used in this space, everyday accessories with organic features can also make for a completely organic look. The drapes pictured here are one example of how fabrics and patterns can display a natural theme. Pillows, plants, dinnerware and rugs are other elements you can use to incorporate elements inspired by nature.

In the middle of all these organic features is a touch of modern design. The simple form of the dining table and chairs – although warm and earthy in color – counterbalances just about every other aspect of this space. But together, it all blends in a completely natural way, proving that nature and modern design can co-exist.

I’m extremely passionate about incorporating nature into my clients’ homes. If your living space is in need of an organic touch, it’s time to contact us! Our design teams in Park City and Scottsdale are ready to speak with you about all your home design needs!