Geometric Rugs Add Depth and Dimension to Desert Homes

I love adding rugs in interior designs for their practical and aesthetic appeal. A rug muffles sound, adds comfort underfoot and increases textural interest in designs. A rug’s pattern can also emphasize a design style, as shown here in these Southwestern-inspired rooms.

southwestern interior designer

This rug serves many design purposes. It defines the conversation area and pulls the room together, while the dynamic pattern enhances the room’s Southwestern vibe. While this space is rich in colors and textures, the rug doesn’t feel too busy because its soft blue, taupe and rust colors harmonize with the fireplace and mantel, the focal point of the room. The unified effect of these design elements is peaceful, warm and rustic.

southwestern interior designer

Here, we chose a rug with a dark red-brown, gold, black and cream palette, as well as a bold Southwestern geometric pattern. It has a more modern appearance than the previous rug, in both style and texture, which blends well with the contemporary feel of the room. All of the rug’s colors are represented in the chic square coffee table, which helps to connect the room’s design features and create cohesion. Such a bold and active pattern wouldn’t suit some rooms. However, with neutral walls and flooring, plus the solid-colored armchairs, the rug adds the right degree of warmth and interest.

southwestern interior designer

One thing that I find inspiring about working with patterned rugs is that there are so many colors and styles. A beautiful rug really can make or break a room. This rug’s main colors are desert rose and black, which complement the love seats. While the pattern has enough character to add Southwestern appeal, notice that it doesn’t overwhelm the wall art. Both coexist in the space without a sense of discord. Other colors in the rug, plus the symmetry, are also represented throughout this conversation area, creating soft, comfortable visual harmony.

Whether you want to update your Southwestern style home or you want to create an entirely new look, we can help you today. Contact us at Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more about our interior design services.

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