Increase Visual Interest with Patterned Upholstery

Like color, texture can enrich interior designs by adding visual interest. This is especially true with Southwestern design, which often features neutral color palettes. I often use textiles with a sturdy weave or a Southwestern-inspired pattern to give this unique style an extra boost of interest. The color and texture of certain upholstery can affect a room’s aesthetic in many ways, which I’ve demonstrated in a couple of my own designs below.

southwestern interior designer

This room is rich in textures, which are readily apparent in the flooring, natural wood grain, smooth stone tabletop and the cacti plant. I wanted to add color without overwhelming the space, so I chose a bold and colorful pattern for the chair and ottoman, keeping the fabric smooth. The weave of the seating in the foreground is more visible, but the solid neutral color keeps the look balanced.

southwestern interior designer

If you want to add Southwestern style to your interior, but your home’s architecture isn’t traditionally Southwestern, you needn’t worry. Southwestern flair can be added with just a few additions to your existing decor, and this room is a good example of that. We kept most of the seating in a solid, neutral color. Sturdy woven fabrics set the stage for the addition of colorful throw pillows. The neighboring chairs are smoother, but are covered with a subtle Southwestern pattern. With all of these decorative elements combined, the result is a chic, contemporary design with just the right amount of desert influence.

southwestern interior designer

This is another open plan space with contemporary architectural elements. Organic features, such as the natural stone slab, the firewood and tiles, add rustic appeal. We used an earth tone color palette throughout the space, but the room required more to achieve an authentic Southwestern atmosphere. The desert-inspired upholstery adds the necessary touch to complete the room’s ambience. Tiles, stone and metal design features can feel cold and unwelcoming without the balancing presence of warm textiles.

When you want to enhance your home with beautiful Southwestern designs, look to us at Paula Berg Design Associates. Contact us in Scottsdale, AZ or Park City, UT to find out all the ways we can help you fulfill your design dreams.

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