Inspiration Abounds Just Outside

I’ve traveled the world, but oftentimes I find the most inspiration right here in the Western region of the United States. One of the most wonderful parts of living and designing in the West is the infinite source of inspiration in the phenomenal beauty and wonders of the landscape.

And it goes beyond aesthetics. Interior designs inspired by their surroundings not only achieve stunning aesthetics but they create a feeling of harmony, inspiration and awe. Experiencing them is like a constant reminder of the beauty and bounty right outside our windows.

With thoughtful application and combination of lines, colors, forms and textures, interior spaces can become gorgeous reflections of the most breathtaking features and elements of nature. Even more, they become an experience. Just like a photo of a majestic mountain cannot compare to the feeling of looking out over a valley from a mountain vista, interiors inspired by their surroundings allow you to infuse your home with a look and feel that brings you joy and serenity.

The rich palette, patterns and materials I used to achieve this space were inspired by a desert scene.

Paula Berg Design

I love how we were able to design this living room to become an extension of the shoreline.

Paula Berg Design

Every element in this magnificent mountain home was carefully selected and integrated to create a connection to the great outdoors.

Paula Berg Design

We designed this foyer with elegant and artful lines, curves and finishes that would nod to the sparkling skyline and excitement of luxury urban living.

Paula Berg Design

What inspires you most about where you live? Share with us in a comment below.

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