Meet Paula Berg – Then & Now

The creative process works in mysterious ways. What began as a career in communications, teaching and traveling has now evolved into an award-winning interior design business. But it was my passion for art and culture that has chartered my path to becoming a designer.

When I opened my first interior design boutique – Beyond Horizons – in Scottsdale, I was largely inspired by the Southwest style. The traditions, culture, and rich rustic aesthetic all spoke to me. I developed an expertise in purveying fine furnishings in the style as well as interior design advice on how to get the look. I eventually became the first design professional to earn the “Master of Southwest” accolade from Phoenix Home & Garden.

By the time I opened my own design firm – Paula Berg Design Associates – I already had a loyal customer base. But the more clients and perspectives I worked with, the more I was dipping into past experiences of traveling around the globe to draw inspiration from a wide range of traditions and aesthetics.

When Park City, Utah became the home of Paula Berg Design Associates, I was designing interiors in Tuscan, art deco, contemporary, mountain modern, contemporary Hawaiian and even Palladian, among other styles. The expansion of my design experience and knowledge into a wide range of design styles was driven by my ability to adapt to different needs and tastes as I aimed to create magical environments tailored to my clients.

My client-centric design philosophy encouraged me to work with natural and innovative combinations of materials. I was the first designer in the Southwest to incorporate stained concrete floors and etched metals, for example. Consultation regarding the selection of harmonious materials is now one of my specialties.

To see how my inspiration and design experience began in the Southwest and then expanded to cultures and traditions from around the world, browse my portfolio here on my website. If you see a design that speaks to you, and you would like to discuss your own possible design project, contact me today at 435-655-9443 (Park City) or 480-998-2344 (Scottsdale).

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