Vendor Spotlight: Hokanson Rugs

A designer is only as good as his or her vendors, as I see it, because beautiful, high quality designs require beautiful, high quality products and furnishings. Today, I want to shine the spotlight on Hokanson, a business that has been leading the custom rug industry for over 25 years, and which I have turned to for multiple projects.

Based in Houston, Texas, Hokanson was founded as a single-man operation in 1987 by Larry Hokanson. Now, the brand has a world-renowned reputation for exquisite custom rugs and carpets and consists of five full-service showrooms in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. Hokanson rugs grace the floors of some of the most prestigious homes and buildings in the world, from Jay Leno’s set to the Russian Royal

Palaces to even our own White House Oval Office. Hokanson’s reputation has been built on its ability to create anything from exotic and ornate traditional patterns to ultra-chic contemporary designs. They are also known for their keen ability to work with exotic yarns and other unconventional textures and fibers.

Source: Hokanson Carpet

Here’s one of my own interior designs featuring custom rugs by Hokanson. They added just the color and pattern I needed to complete this sophisticated, rustic modern look.

LABKON Living Rm 100_1936

Paula Berg Design Associates

Have you worked with Hokanson before? What was your experience like and how do you like your custom rug or carpet?

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