Buffets – A Homey Addition to Dining Areas

An attractive buffet not only lends functionality to a dining space, it can enhance or even change the appearance and ambiance of a room. I incorporate them often to add the right touch of homey and grounded energy to cozy living spaces.

In this open-concept, mountain-rustic home, I nestled a buffet between two wood support columns that separate the dining room from the rest of the living area. The buffet, along with the subtle steps leading into the dining space, distinguishes the area sufficiently to emulate a private retreat without detracting from the grandness of the home.

Any well-crafted buffet may serve as a visual anchor to a dining space, but this buffet takes the rustic style to new and beautiful heights. The attractive art across the front ties in with the painting placed directly above. The brilliant gold throughout connects with the warm glow of the lamp, the blooms on the table and other gold elements within the room.

The right style of a buffet can also be at home amidst contemporary styles. Here, we kept the lines simple and made sure the buffet blends with other decor elements. It provides unobtrusive function that won’t detract from the large contemporary painting or other works of art.

When buffets are not being used to display food, they provide a place to display decorative items. A stately buffet offers an ideal setting for displaying valuable china and attractive accent lamps.

Built-in buffets link the kitchen and dining areas, which is a practical and attractive way to add visual spaciousness to both rooms, in lieu of an open-concept design. Dishes can quickly be placed directly from the oven onto the buffet – a big time saver and space saver for parties and family gatherings.

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