Kitchen Chandeliers Dazzle and Shine

If you believe that chandeliers are only for dining rooms, think again. As families spend more time in the kitchen, the need for more intricate lighting options comes into play. Although recessed, task and pendant lighting will always have a place in the kitchen, chandeliers are making headway.

The purpose and function of a chandelier in the kitchen goes way beyond being just another source of light. It gives off a sense of individuality, character and charm that other forms of lighting can’t. Even in the plainest of kitchens, a chandelier can take it from drab to fab in an instant.

In this kitchen, the chandelier is perfectly situated, forcing the eye to look up in admiration. Your attention is automatically drawn to the center of the room, which is exactly the visual effect it should have.

Here, the metallic countertop is just one cool kitchen feature. Directly above, this cylinder fixture adds a tasteful finishing touch to this airy, modern space. It also creates a bit of surprise, which can always serve as a conversation starter.

In both kitchens, you’ll notice that lighting is multi-dimensional. While function is a given, flexibility is also a must for homeowners. To meet this desire, several layers of lighting in addition to the chandelier can create the ultimate visual effect.

There are plenty of other reasons you should reconsider hanging a chandelier in your kitchen:

  • For the sake of adding an element of surprise. Much like our cylinder light above, people love design elements they don’t usually see.
  • Are you a history buff? A vintage chandelier could bring a bit of the past into your modern day dwelling.
  • If your kitchen is characterized by lots of solid materials like wood, glass, stainless steel, stone and/or tile, an elegant chandelier could be an ideal way to add a little softness to a hard, masculine kitchen.

I’d love to design a functional kitchen in your home, complete with a stunning chandelier. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates if you’re ready to discuss a potential home design project.

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