Host a Dinner to Remember

Sharing a delicious meal and warm conversations can create fond memories to last a lifetime. This is only one of the reasons why dinner parties are so popular and why attention is paid to hosting the perfect one. The right kitchen and dining room design is essential for such events, which is why I’ve combined both aesthetic and functional appeal in these designs to facilitate the best experience for hosts and guests.

An ideal kitchen bar has ample space for creating cocktails and convenient storage for all related supplies, including glassware. I designed this one with those features in mind and made sure that it was accessible, yet separate from other kitchen and dining areas. This layout permits drink preparation to be unhindered by other kitchen activities. The absence of doors is practical, as it’s difficult to navigate a door when carrying drinks to a dining area. Plus, this layout promotes a seamless feeling to the design.

Floating shelves and glass-front cabinetry provide a place to display fine drink ware, while closed cabinetry below provide sufficient storage for blenders, bottles and other similar items. Installing lights beneath the top cabinetry helps illuminate the countertop, offering plenty of lighting where it’s needed.

The dining area should be easy to access from the kitchen bar, and it should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. While I add unique elements to each space, I make sure to maintain design continuity and stay true to the home’s style.

Large windows in this dining area provide a breathtaking view and ample light during the day. For extra illumination – vital for evening events – I used a rustic chandelier and candles, as well as lamps and other supplemental lighting.

The solid wood table comfortably sits 10 people, and the wood design fits in with the interior’s mountain style. Good seating invites guests to savor the meal and helps stimulate conversation. I also left a generous amount of open space around the table for easy navigation.

For the best in mountain home interiors, contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today. We can help you achieve a kitchen and dining room design that will allow you to easily host dinner parties your guests’ won’t forget.

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