Add a Touch of Southwestern Flair to Your Home

Southwestern design has a comfortably laid-back character, but this shouldn’t be taken as a euphemism for “shabby.” Rather, designing with natural color palettes and materials is a great way to reflect the beauty and culture of the Southwest, while creating unique and unpretentious warmth. Below, I’ve featured a design in which I used color, texture, art and other decorative accents to add the right amount of Southwestern flair.

southwestern interior designer

In this dining room, the wall color sets the stage for other design elements. We used warm sand tones throughout the room and made sure the walls’ golden tones were rich enough to complement the room’s art and decor. This golden hue is also reflected in the wood planks between the floor tiles to create design cohesiveness.

Other colors used in this room also characterize the earthy, yet often vibrant quality for which Southwestern design is known and loved. Touches of blue evoke a desert sky, as well as precious gemstones like turquoise and lapis, which are often used in Native American jewelry. Medium to dark-toned wood furniture brings in old-world appeal and keeps the room grounded. I even added a potted green succulent, which adds an important dash of color and textural interest.

Southwestern art and patterns can be mixed and matched to add extra charm, but they should connect to the room’s overall design in some way. The wall art we used in this room contains the same color palette seen throughout the room and adds the right amount of whimsy to match the wrought-iron chandelier frame. Lashed rawhide, used in the chandelier, adds lots of rustic charm and connects with the room’s wall color. The textile patterns found in the dining room chairs are elegant enough to provide visual balance against the chandelier and wall art. Other features, such as the dynamic sculpture in the corner and the large candle on the credenza contribute to the room’s Southwestern feel.

If you’re ready to add a touch of Southwestern flair in your home, let me and my associates at Paula Berg Design Associates help you. Contact us today to learn more about our design services.

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