High Lighting Designs

“Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.” – Albert Hadley

The lighting phase of the interior design process is more than simply choosing the right fixtures. It’s an intricate undertaking that requires juggling and balancing several design elements to get it just right. Lighting fixtures, color palettes, natural light provided by windows and sky lights, and even the finishes throughout the space all have to work together to create the perfect combination of task and ambiance lighting. When lit right, spaces not only look fantastic but feel fantastic, too.

For this sleek city condo, I took advantage of natural light by opting for sheer window treatments and a soft neutral palette that I then anchored with a few dark accents.

Lighting in the bedroom can be tricky as clients are often particular about lighting as it relates to their sleep schedules. Since this city condo has space limitations, I knew that I had to keep it airy and light. White bedding helps to amplify natural light while the area rug and window treatments provide the perfect amount of color.

To achieve a truly luxurious spa-like master bath, I used a combination of fixtures and a strategic window treatment to achieve a therapeutic-like ambiance.

A ceiling dome fixture and track lighting supply the task lighting in this elegant urban kitchen while cabinet lighting and warm marble lower lighting to make the space inviting.

My design team and I achieved the layers of lighting in this sophisticated dining room using a stunning modern chandelier and contemporary lamps. Display lights illuminating pieces of art add the finishing touch.

This was one of my favorite spaces to really play with light. For this exquisite art deco foyer, my design team and I created a true masterpiece by harmonizing lighting effects with carefully selected finishes and artistic touches.
Here at Paula Berg Design Associates, my team and I are passionate about approaching every design with attention to detail in order to achieve luxurious interiors with high style, luxury, and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our interior design services in Park City and Scottsdale.


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