Hanging Works of Art

Art can be so important to interior design that it should never be just an afterthought. When I introduce wall art to a space, I consider it carefully, including details such as how it should be positioned on the wall, the size of the work of art and how it affects the overall design.

This open space would be dull without the splashes of color this work of art provides. Blank, white walls provide the ideal backdrop for hanging art. Because each are detailed and colorful, I gave them a designated space on the wall to prevent overcrowding.

Large paintings like this one serve well as a primary art piece or focal point. The nearby sculptures don’t detract from the overwhelming sense of majesty — their similarity to persons portrayed in the painting only enhances it. One almost senses the sculptures are sentries, holding watchful vigil.

A mammoth stone mantel is the perfect backdrop for this immense painting, which contains enough southwestern flair to fit in with the room’s rustic style. Black chairs tie in with the black in the painting to bring design cohesion. We illuminated it to prevent the dark colors from fading into the stone background.

This painting enhances every element in the room above. The background is nearly the same color as the nearby walls, aiding the design flow rather than hindering it. The frame delineates the painting just enough without overpowering it, and nearby pottery underscores the art’s theme.

The style of this dining room is elegant, but also possesses a laid-back charm typical of most southwestern design. We chose art that injects comfortable charm, inviting guests to relax and take things easy for a while. Its colors connect with the decor, and we hung it low enough to be at eye level for everyone seated to see.

I love bringing out the beauty of a space with art. When you’re ready for an amazing change, contact Paula Berg Design Associates for all of your home design needs.

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