Polished Living Rooms – Contemporary Furniture Arrangements

Arranging furniture in a contemporary style living room might seem like a fun way to spend an afternoon. But without proper planning, a one-day project can quickly become a nightmare.

Contemporary design is primarily identified by tons of natural light and plenty of open space. But furniture plays a vital role here too, as strong lines and form are key in finishing an authentic contemporary look.

Consider the room’s function. Will it be a space for gathering, or a quiet room for rest and relaxation? The purpose of the living room should guide how furnishings are arranged and how much will be needed.

Lots of people fall into the trap of pushing sofas up against the wall. But contemporary home design is all about breaking the rules. Unless your space is extremely small, centering sofas in the living room will create a more conversational atmosphere.

Also, be mindful of foot traffic. People should walk around the outskirts of a room, not through the middle if at all possible. This will make things less awkward when getting up in the middle of a conversation.

A rookie-decorating mistake is investing in a matching living room set from a single store. I firmly believe that a good living room needs variety. Play with different materials, finishes and sizes to really mix things up. Combine large and small, tall and short, rough and smooth — you might be surprised at how mixing and matching things actually falls nicely into place.

The living room pictured above is an excellent example of most of these tips. Foot traffic is forced to the outer parts of the room, while three tables take up the space in the middle. And, with the exception of the two sofas, no other pieces within this room are part of an identifiable or preconceived set.

Arranging furniture in your living room doesn’t have to be yet another chore on your list. Let Paula Berg Design Associates work magic in your home’s most social space. Contact us in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ to schedule a design consultation.

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