Add a Touch of Modernity with Textured Wood Ceilings

Many people automatically categorize wood interiors as old fashioned and outdated. But please don’t be fooled — knotty wood can make for the ultimate modern interior design when incorporated properly and creatively.

First, let’s talk about what exactly knotty wood is. It’s a pretty simple concept. Have you ever seen a freshly cut tree trunk? You may remember seeing a number of spots or “knots” present. These natural demarcations, when left fully intact, can help emit a natural and rustic feel in the home.

Contrary to popular belief, bold interior designs don’t have to involve use of bright colors and off-the-wall decor. Many times, it’s all about the way you use common materials in unpredictable ways. In this particular space we designed, the ceiling is much more than just its name. Acting as a fifth wall, these wood planks and beams play a vital role in adding visual texture for an overall appealing focal point.

What’s also great about this space is the overall tone-on-tone theme. Although there are lots of materials used in this room, it all comes together to produce a warm, earthy feel that’s still completely modern.

Using wood in design can do much more than make your home a modern, yet rustic haven, too. If you’re looking for deeper meaning and going green is your thing, wood that’s renewable, sustainable or even locally harvested are all ways to ensure your home project doesn’t use unnecessary resources. Not only will these options save materials, but they’re often more cost-effective as well.

I’d love to have the opportunity to blend knotty wood into your rustic home design. Be sure to check out my photo gallery to see of examples of how we’ve already done this. To speak one-on-one about your design needs, you can always reach out to one of our studios in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ. The team at Paula Berg Design Associates can’t wait to speak with you!

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