Fresh Floral Arrangements Bring Fresh Style

In the world of interior design, trends come and go all the time. From bold color blocking and shades of gray to Pantone’s Color of the Year, there’s always a new fad that eventually has to make way for something new.

And then there’s florals.

No matter the space, the fresh presence of flowers breathes life into the atmosphere. Whether it’s live blooms in a vase or tucked neatly in a basket, the elegance of classic flowers never goes out of style.

Anyone who opposes the idea of fresh flowers as decor is probably thinking a bit too hard about what can and should be a very simple concept. Sometimes, all it takes is a hint of floral essence to top off a well-designed space. Clean, understated arrangements can help create a surprisingly modern look and feel. Allow some of our projects to demonstrate what this means.

Should you add florals in an unexpected space? Absolutely! This very handsome bar nook is characterized by dark chocolate wood finishes and a neutral color scheme. However, touch of femininity can always make even the most macho of spaces a little more interesting.

This thin sculpture of a floral arrangement makes a huge statement. Notice how the white bloom contrasts so nicely with the floral painting in the background.

Oftentimes, floral arrangements are so distinct that less really is more. This clean, zen-like bathroom only needs a hint of natural flair.

Another way to use florals in decor is to make them the statement piece in a sea of neutral, earthy tones. The eye is naturally drawn to this coffee table where the only impression of color is the greenery.

This small yet bold floral arrangement is the perfect contrast to what lies just outside the window — the hard coldness of concrete. Here, a space heavily defined by straight lines is slightly softened with florals.

Let Paula Berg Design Associates help enhance the aesthetic of your mountain home with florals and other natural elements. Contact one of our design teams in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today!

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