Rustic Refinement with Natural Stone

When applied to mountain home design, natural stone packs a powerful punch, even in places where you least expect it. Adding texture, drama and warmth, you can easily achieve a multi-faceted space with this one feature.

It may not be fall right now, but this entryway would be quite the dream to walk into on a crisp, cold October day. It’s quite mesmerizing in a unique way. Just think of the complexity involved to perfect each piece of stone in this unified design. If you truly admire architecture and its flexibility, a stone feature in your home will represent so much more than just something pretty to look at.

It’s not every day that stacked stone is seen inside the home. Often accentuating pools and landscapes, this bathroom pulls a lot inspiration from the outdoors. If there was ever a place to add an unexpected touch at home, natural stone in this private space is no doubt in a league of its own. Character and charm proudly lead the way here. If anything, this bathroom should serve as inspiration. Stone can live anywhere in the home!

In both images, you’ll notice how these designs are great examples of incorporating stacked stone in a random, natural pattern. There’s no need for grout or any type of epoxy to make the stones perfectly symmetrical.  In both cases, stones are arranged much like how you’d find them in their natural habitat. This is what makes natural stone in mountain homes so realistic and authentic. Another feature you may not have noticed is that each floor also incorporates more rugged stone.

Think beyond your typical fireplace with a stone surround and stone incorporated into landscapes. Could your bedroom, bathroom or any other space use a touch of mountain flair? Natural stone might be what the doctor ordered. Paula Berg Design Associates would love to help you achieve the mountain style home you want and deserve. Contact one of our showrooms in Park City or Scottsdale for more information about letting us spearhead your project.

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