Enjoy Double the Entertainment with Double the Islands

The importance of a functional and beautiful kitchen design increases substantially for anyone who loves to entertain guests. A popular feature in the kitchen has long been the island. In many instances, however, I use not one, but two islands to increase functionality in my mountain home designs.

Double islands offer additional countertop and storage space. Anyone who entertains frequently knows how important it is to have designated spots for serving pieces, silverware, extra dinnerware and other miscellaneous items and ingredients to keep guests happy. Good storage solutions keep everything conveniently at hand and will even prevent moments of last-minute panic when you can’t find something you need. Sufficient counter space is also helpful when you’re preparing food for a large gathering.

Having different workstations is also very helpful for workflow. One island can be used for chopping and mixing ingredients, while the other can be used as a temporary holding place for cooked dishes.

I believe that busy rooms such as kitchens should always be easy to navigate. By arranging double islands wisely, they provide the same surface area as one large island without hindering the flow of foot traffic. A two-island layout creates a clear path and allows for easy movement throughout the kitchen.

Style-wise, double islands can offer additional visual interest. I could have used the same style and wood finish for both islands, but installing a darker one adds more visual appeal. Since the ceiling is higher above the darker island, there’s a visual weight that keeps the design anchored and balanced.

Another reason I encourage adding double islands is that they allow a host to work unimpeded. Guests are inevitably drawn to the kitchen, especially when delicious aromas begin to permeate the air. An additional island gives guests a place to gather and enjoy a beverage or appetizer while you’re cooking.

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