Keep a Fire Roaring with Beautiful Wood Storage

The fireplace is one of the most popular elements in contemporary mountain homes, so I always approach this feature with style and function in mind. This includes incorporating wood storage in ways that add aesthetic appeal to the home. Few treasure the thought of going into a garage or braving the cold weather to bring logs in throughout the day. Ample indoor storage is a practical solution for keeping wood logs conveniently close and dry.

This design shows one way a storage space for wood can be attractively integrated with the surrounding architecture. The vaulted ceiling and vastness of this living area requires a fireplace and mantel visually strong enough to hold its own. For this purpose, I used natural cut stone and an extra-large, rough-hewn log for the mantel. Furthermore, built-in storage for firewood on each side of the mantel creates design symmetry to balance out the design.

Texture is a design aspect that’s as important as color. One thing I love about designing wood storage spaces is that it offers a unique chance to add interesting texture. Briefly try to visualize how a stone fireplace would look without a place for log storage. You’ll likely find your mind adding a niche on each side of the fireplace to visually balance the log mantel. Creating balance and interest is how wood storage helps this room’s aesthetic appeal. The sense of depth the storage adds and the change in texture from the stone to the logs anchors the lower half of the stone wall and fireplace. Without this feature, the top half would feel unsupported and this majestic room’s contemporary rustic appeal would feel a bit lacking.

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