Add a Touch of Drama with High Cathedral Ceilings

Some people may look at a high cathedral ceiling as a design dilemma. It may seem like the highest point is miles away, but the trick is to incorporate a variety of elements to help keep the space feeling homey and comfortable. Below are some of my mountain designs that feature high ceilings as stunning focal points.

There aren’t many features that add structure to a room quite like exposed trusses. A natural touch of architecture, complete with arches and horizontal beams, really brings this mountainous living space to life.

Breaking up decor elements here is just one of many techniques that add visual interest. The stone fireplace, along with the various windows, all combine to make this room look even more handsome. The blending of materials here — wood and stone — doesn’t hurt, either. Both are natural and complement each other well, but each also does a dynamite job of standing on its own.

A high cathedral ceiling might make you feel small, as if you’re being swallowed up by a massive space. But making sure there are plenty of things to keep you busy is the key. This open living space will keep any family occupied with plenty of seating, a warm fireplace to gather around and a scenic view. Plus, the kitchen is only a few steps away.

Are you afraid of a cathedral ceiling that seems like it’s a million miles away? Go dark! When the ceiling is outfitted in a shade that’s darker than the rest of the room, it can take away from the perceived feeling of too much distance or depth. This dark ceiling also does a fabulous job of creating a special zone, highlighting the kitchen as a unique space within the house.

Another way to avoid the feeling of a giant gaping space up above is to add some element of sculpture or art. This unique lighting fixture, with its warm glow, adds drama and really ties this dramatic room together nicely.

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