Welcome Overnight Guests with Plenty of Storage

A guest room is not complete without sufficient space for storing guests’ clothing and personal items. A gorgeous design is important, but bedrooms need storage to prevent clutter and to keep everyone comfortable. Here are a few ways I incorporate stylish storage solutions into interior designs.

A rustic trunk fits seamlessly into this room’s decor and is large enough to hold extra bedding or other items. The top also serves as a convenient surface for placing suitcases or overnight bags. The nightstand can hold small personal accoutrements, while beneath the bed and veiled by the skirting, you can keep extra storage bins.

Here, several built-in bunk beds turn this space into a fun camp-like retreat for visitors. Bulky storage furniture would defeat the space-saving style of the room, but the under bed storage drawers meet the need without taking up any additional floor space.

In the absence of a closet, a large armoire meets all your storage needs. Since corners are often wasted space in a room, I built this armoire into the corner where it takes up as little active space as possible and rounds out the design. The built in bench next to it provides extra seating, perfect for when guests are putting on shoes in the morning. Also, beneath the cushioned top is additional storage area.

The windows of this room offer a stunning view that I didn’t want to obstruct with bulky storage pieces. To keep the outdoor scenery visible, I placed a wide desk beneath the windows for drawer space. The earth wood hutch on the adjacent wall functions as a wardrobe and general storage area.

We made sure these charming bunk beds had built-in space-saving drawers tucked beneath the bottom bunks. We also nestled a child-sized cabinet and drawer combo between the bunks to hold extra items, such as toys and camping gear, for young explorers.

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