Chests, Benches and Seats – Styling the Foot of Your Bed

If any room in your home deserves its own personality, it’s definitely the master bedroom. After a long day’s work, you want to relax in a comforting oasis that shuts the world out. When it comes to decor in the bedroom, think outside the box! I love the idea of placing chests, benches and seats at the foot of beds. Take a look at how I’ve incorporated a few stylish furnishings where it counts.

This earthy, vintage style wood piece is a handy storage haven. It adds an unexpected twist, and extra pillows and bulky blankets can make their home here without over stuffing the linen closet. Don’t you love how the surface acts much like a coffee table with a simple vignette? Lastly, because of its height, you could also sit your laptop here to check emails.

Ottomans are ideal pieces as well. Not only does it serve as extra seating, but you can customize an ottoman with any fabric or material to complement the rest of your bedroom’s decor.

If you’re worried about leaving enough space to walk, a small, simple piece can still work wonders. This upholstered low bench packs a powerful punch. You can easily sit here to slip on your nylons, or place a throw blanket on top in case it gets chilly.

Do you find yourself retiring to the bedroom even more now that winter is rearing its head? Curling up on this bed with a good book and a warm cup of green tea sounds so relaxing! This antique style chest is there to hold your book and drink when it’s time to catch up on your beauty rest.

This upholstered bench, with its zebra print pattern, is the perfect finishing touch to an exotic bedroom. Even though it fits in quite well, the bench still stands out in this dark, yet romantic setting.

Paula Berg Design Associates would love to transform your master bedroom for the New Year. Contact us today to set up a design consultation!

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