Comfortable Window Seats for Every Room

Who doesn’t love a window seat that takes advantage of a breathtaking view, while adding elegance and functionality? Being able to sit by a window in your home and soak in natural light during the day and a starry night sky after dark is priceless. Plus, a beautiful built-in window unit can be an excellent use of space as it turns an unused area into functional seating for relaxing and entertaining.

A window seat can be custom designed to enhance your quality of life in a variety of ways, depending on where and how its incorporated. Imagine being able to watch the snow pile up outside, while snuggling up in your warm and cozy window seat. Or, picture being able to savor the extra hours of daylight by enjoying a book, while perched on your personal reading nook. I love the idea of designing a window seat where you can watch the sun rise or set every day. What a great way to connect with Mother Earth and recharge your battery, all while in the comfort of your own home.

Window seats are also a wonderful place to retreat to for quiet contemplation or an intimate phone conversation. They can also add functionality by creating a sitting area for conversation with family and friends in the living rooms or great room. As Natalie Myers reminds us, a dreamy window seat can even “provide ample storage or accentuate the architectural elements of the home.”

Here’s a fabulous example of a window seat I designed for one of my clients. When designing this elegant urban dining room, I incorporated built-in bench seating under a stunning row of bay windows to play up the cityscape, while adding functional over-flow seating for guests. I love how it frames the city skyline with eloquent woodworking.

Whether you envision window seats, dramatic fireplaces or other architectural features and interior design touches, my design team can help you realize an artful home design that’s tailored to your personal style and day-to-day needs. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more.

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