Landscape Art Adds a Soothing Touch to Rustic Interiors

Natural elements have a calming effect in the home, which is one reason why I like to incorporate wood, stone and greenery into designs. However, architecture and plants are not the only ways to add in the earth’s elements. Landscape paintings offer another, versatile way to create a soothing touch.

It’s important to avoid hanging just any landscape artwork on a wall. There’s an art to choosing the right type of painting, the appropriate size of painting and then hanging it in just the right spot. The colors, textures and theme of the artwork must connect in some way with the room’s style and palette.

The gold and green color in the painting above harmonizes with the light-wood walls and elements in the upholstery. Even the shimmering water portrayed in the painting has a counterpart in the room – the reflective glass surface of the coffee table. The effect is subtle enough so that it seems completely effortless.

Beyond its softening effect, the painting also provides an attractive focal point for the conversation area. Other types of wall art could have been used, but this interior space called for a natural scene to bring some natural elements indoors. Windowless areas can sometimes feel cold and claustrophobic. The framed landscape painting offers a beautiful view and a feeling of spaciousness.

I carefully considered size as well. As the room already has multiple colors, textures and patterns, it needed art that could also function as an anchor. In this case, this meant a single large painting rather than several small paintings, which would have made the area feel too busy, haphazard and ungrounded. The wall is large enough to accommodate the painting’s size both physically and visually.

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