Warm Up Your Home with Rustic Wood Walls

When you imagine a room decked out with wood paneled walls, do you envision an outdated ‘70s space? Well, maybe you should think again. It’s 2014 and wood walls have come a long way in the past 40-plus years! In order to avoid an old fashion look, balance is the key. My team here at Paula Berg Design Associates has incorporated wood in a number of projects, making it a versatile accent that creates a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

Break up the monotony of a plain wood wall by accenting it with an outstanding piece of art. A pretty landscape painting completes this intimate, traditional style living room. Depending on your own preference, many other art styles could either complement or contrast a wood wall, including abstract, contemporary or even a bold photograph.

Wood interiors pair magnificently well with bold, natural colors. This dining table, garnished with decadent fall colors, couldn’t be a better match for the light wood panels surrounding it. It’s very reminiscent of Thanksgiving. What better way to get the family gathered around the table more often?

Rooms with wood walls require lots of natural sunlight. Although this room is showcased at night, you can easily imagine just how bright this space would look during the day. Don’t become too reliant on natural light, though. Notice how the overhead fixtures brighten the space once the sun sets.

Why limit yourself to just wood walls. Look up, and apply that same design aesthetic to the ceiling! Often thought of as the fifth wall, the ceiling is a surface with infinite design possibilities. Located just above this seating area, the ceiling does a great job of topping off a cozy little conversation nook.

The wood panel backdrop here makes for the perfect complement to a simple tree branch headboard. And the horizontal positioning of the panels makes it an unexpected feature. The antlers really play up the rustic experience in this room, too.

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Unique Light Fixtures Add Rustic Charm to Mountain Homes

Light fixtures in living rooms and dining rooms should go beyond simply achieving the perfect balance of task, ambient and accent lighting. They should work overtime to create focal points and enhance the overall design through rich textures, interesting details and architectural appeal.

When it comes to designing luxury mountain homes — one of my specialties — I always try to find or commission one-of-a-kind rustic fixtures that elevate the space and make a statement through rugged materials, unique shapes and awe-inspiring craftsmanship to bring the outdoors in.

I absolutely love the double-tier rawhide and steel chandelier I used for this luxurious log cabin. The silhouette is so elegant, but the materials still ensure a truly rustic look. Gorgeous details can be found throughout the fixture in the form of a leaf and branch motif.

I knew as soon as I saw this antler chandelier that it would be the perfect centerpiece for a cozy living room. The artfully arranged antlers add stunning sculptural interest, and the rustic design expands to the shades, which feature delicate landscape etchings.

Thanks to soaring ceilings and the clients’ request for an authentic, rustic home, I was able to go all out with the light fixture in this grandeur dining room. I had a chandelier custom-made to feature an evergreen scene that would complement the natural log columns, while doubling as a work of art.

This stunning dining area needed a light fixture that was equally sophisticated, while also subtly continuing the rustic theme. I was able to achieve both with this seemingly traditional chandelier with intricate leaf embellishments.

I chose this dramatic chandelier because of the way it contrasts with the warm woods, while echoing the copper and steel hearth surround in this rustic dining room. I also love the way the individual lanterns add an Old World feel to complete the look.

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Chests, Benches and Seats – Styling the Foot of Your Bed

If any room in your home deserves its own personality, it’s definitely the master bedroom. After a long day’s work, you want to relax in a comforting oasis that shuts the world out. When it comes to decor in the bedroom, think outside the box! I love the idea of placing chests, benches and seats at the foot of beds. Take a look at how I’ve incorporated a few stylish furnishings where it counts.

This earthy, vintage style wood piece is a handy storage haven. It adds an unexpected twist, and extra pillows and bulky blankets can make their home here without over stuffing the linen closet. Don’t you love how the surface acts much like a coffee table with a simple vignette? Lastly, because of its height, you could also sit your laptop here to check emails.

Ottomans are ideal pieces as well. Not only does it serve as extra seating, but you can customize an ottoman with any fabric or material to complement the rest of your bedroom’s decor.

If you’re worried about leaving enough space to walk, a small, simple piece can still work wonders. This upholstered low bench packs a powerful punch. You can easily sit here to slip on your nylons, or place a throw blanket on top in case it gets chilly.

Do you find yourself retiring to the bedroom even more now that winter is rearing its head? Curling up on this bed with a good book and a warm cup of green tea sounds so relaxing! This antique style chest is there to hold your book and drink when it’s time to catch up on your beauty rest.

This upholstered bench, with its zebra print pattern, is the perfect finishing touch to an exotic bedroom. Even though it fits in quite well, the bench still stands out in this dark, yet romantic setting.

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Breaking Area Rug “Rules”

Area rugs do much more than add coziness and comfort to bare feet. They also serve fundamental interior design functions. Area rugs contain furniture by creating subtle outlines that distinguish and define individual living areas. On top of this, they can also provide added color, pattern and texture. The right rug, therefore, can have a significant impact in completing the look and feel of a room.

Choosing an area rug for your home requires careful consideration of “pile, durability, size, shape, patterns, textures, weight, cost, dye, practicality, manufacturing processes and, last but not least, beauty,” as one design writer notes. But be careful not to get hung up on area rug “rules.” After all, there are no real rules in interior design.

One rule is that you must leave a significant amount of bare floor around the rug. In this elegant design, however, I placed the rug quite close to the hearth to help soften the expansive stonewall.

Another area rug rule is that either all furniture legs must be on the rug or at least all front legs. But in this luxurious log cabin, some of the front legs fall on the area rug, while the couch sits back with no legs on the rug. This way, the rusted brown color of the couch and the gorgeous pattern of the rug do not override each other.

In this stunning contemporary design, I happened to follow the previously mentioned “rule.” I love the way this looks because it highlights the subtle trim of the rug.

While I left plenty of inches around the edges of this table, I decided to let the rug extend out farther on one end in order to create slight asymmetry, which adds to the eclecticism.

Rather then simply placing area rugs in the hallways, I added a beautiful area rug to complement and help draw attention to the stunning stone accent wall.

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Add a Touch of Drama with High Cathedral Ceilings

Some people may look at a high cathedral ceiling as a design dilemma. It may seem like the highest point is miles away, but the trick is to incorporate a variety of elements to help keep the space feeling homey and comfortable. Below are some of my mountain designs that feature high ceilings as stunning focal points.

There aren’t many features that add structure to a room quite like exposed trusses. A natural touch of architecture, complete with arches and horizontal beams, really brings this mountainous living space to life.

Breaking up decor elements here is just one of many techniques that add visual interest. The stone fireplace, along with the various windows, all combine to make this room look even more handsome. The blending of materials here — wood and stone — doesn’t hurt, either. Both are natural and complement each other well, but each also does a dynamite job of standing on its own.

A high cathedral ceiling might make you feel small, as if you’re being swallowed up by a massive space. But making sure there are plenty of things to keep you busy is the key. This open living space will keep any family occupied with plenty of seating, a warm fireplace to gather around and a scenic view. Plus, the kitchen is only a few steps away.

Are you afraid of a cathedral ceiling that seems like it’s a million miles away? Go dark! When the ceiling is outfitted in a shade that’s darker than the rest of the room, it can take away from the perceived feeling of too much distance or depth. This dark ceiling also does a fabulous job of creating a special zone, highlighting the kitchen as a unique space within the house.

Another way to avoid the feeling of a giant gaping space up above is to add some element of sculpture or art. This unique lighting fixture, with its warm glow, adds drama and really ties this dramatic room together nicely.

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Welcome Overnight Guests with Plenty of Storage

A guest room is not complete without sufficient space for storing guests’ clothing and personal items. A gorgeous design is important, but bedrooms need storage to prevent clutter and to keep everyone comfortable. Here are a few ways I incorporate stylish storage solutions into interior designs.

A rustic trunk fits seamlessly into this room’s decor and is large enough to hold extra bedding or other items. The top also serves as a convenient surface for placing suitcases or overnight bags. The nightstand can hold small personal accoutrements, while beneath the bed and veiled by the skirting, you can keep extra storage bins.

Here, several built-in bunk beds turn this space into a fun camp-like retreat for visitors. Bulky storage furniture would defeat the space-saving style of the room, but the under bed storage drawers meet the need without taking up any additional floor space.

In the absence of a closet, a large armoire meets all your storage needs. Since corners are often wasted space in a room, I built this armoire into the corner where it takes up as little active space as possible and rounds out the design. The built in bench next to it provides extra seating, perfect for when guests are putting on shoes in the morning. Also, beneath the cushioned top is additional storage area.

The windows of this room offer a stunning view that I didn’t want to obstruct with bulky storage pieces. To keep the outdoor scenery visible, I placed a wide desk beneath the windows for drawer space. The earth wood hutch on the adjacent wall functions as a wardrobe and general storage area.

We made sure these charming bunk beds had built-in space-saving drawers tucked beneath the bottom bunks. We also nestled a child-sized cabinet and drawer combo between the bunks to hold extra items, such as toys and camping gear, for young explorers.

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Keep a Fire Roaring with Beautiful Wood Storage

The fireplace is one of the most popular elements in contemporary mountain homes, so I always approach this feature with style and function in mind. This includes incorporating wood storage in ways that add aesthetic appeal to the home. Few treasure the thought of going into a garage or braving the cold weather to bring logs in throughout the day. Ample indoor storage is a practical solution for keeping wood logs conveniently close and dry.

This design shows one way a storage space for wood can be attractively integrated with the surrounding architecture. The vaulted ceiling and vastness of this living area requires a fireplace and mantel visually strong enough to hold its own. For this purpose, I used natural cut stone and an extra-large, rough-hewn log for the mantel. Furthermore, built-in storage for firewood on each side of the mantel creates design symmetry to balance out the design.

Texture is a design aspect that’s as important as color. One thing I love about designing wood storage spaces is that it offers a unique chance to add interesting texture. Briefly try to visualize how a stone fireplace would look without a place for log storage. You’ll likely find your mind adding a niche on each side of the fireplace to visually balance the log mantel. Creating balance and interest is how wood storage helps this room’s aesthetic appeal. The sense of depth the storage adds and the change in texture from the stone to the logs anchors the lower half of the stone wall and fireplace. Without this feature, the top half would feel unsupported and this majestic room’s contemporary rustic appeal would feel a bit lacking.

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Create a Cozy Bedroom Seating Area

Cozy seating areas give master bedrooms a suite-like, cozy ambience similar to a five-star retreat. Even if the seating area is rarely used, it softens the space and creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Here are a few examples of how I’ve used simple seating arrangements to enhance bedroom designs.

A fireplace makes any room extra cozy. Adding chairs enhances this warm, cozy feeling even more. Here, I placed a stuffed chair with an ottoman in front of the fireplace, making sure not to obstruct the view from the bed. This chair offers a place for relaxing with a good book before retiring for the evening.

In this room, we added an over-sized chair and ottoman and angled them towards the bed rather than the fire. The fireplace is still in view from the chair, but this arrangement allows easy conversation between someone seated and someone relaxing on the bed. This arrangement also creates a graceful curve, increasing the room’s aesthetic appeal.

I used a small but comfortable chair to add a flexible seating option to this small space. The pale yellow-green upholstery connects with the bedding and curtain to create a balanced design. A padded bench at the foot of the bed provides elegance, as well as additional seating for slipping into shoes or slippers in the morning.

This room’s scenic view entices its occupants to linger. In the corner opposite the bed, I created a small conversation area using two stuffed chairs and an oversized decorative lamp. The resulting area is perfect for enjoying a beverage, having a quiet conversation, or spending some time reading and enjoying the view.

This built-in window seat is like a pillow-laden nest, ideal for taking breaks away from a busy modern life. I placed a chair in a corner space, illuminated by a larger lamp, to provide an extra place for reading or conversing. This arrangement is space saving and keeps the rest of the room open.

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Host a Dinner to Remember

Sharing a delicious meal and warm conversations can create fond memories to last a lifetime. This is only one of the reasons why dinner parties are so popular and why attention is paid to hosting the perfect one. The right kitchen and dining room design is essential for such events, which is why I’ve combined both aesthetic and functional appeal in these designs to facilitate the best experience for hosts and guests.

An ideal kitchen bar has ample space for creating cocktails and convenient storage for all related supplies, including glassware. I designed this one with those features in mind and made sure that it was accessible, yet separate from other kitchen and dining areas. This layout permits drink preparation to be unhindered by other kitchen activities. The absence of doors is practical, as it’s difficult to navigate a door when carrying drinks to a dining area. Plus, this layout promotes a seamless feeling to the design.

Floating shelves and glass-front cabinetry provide a place to display fine drink ware, while closed cabinetry below provide sufficient storage for blenders, bottles and other similar items. Installing lights beneath the top cabinetry helps illuminate the countertop, offering plenty of lighting where it’s needed.

The dining area should be easy to access from the kitchen bar, and it should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. While I add unique elements to each space, I make sure to maintain design continuity and stay true to the home’s style.

Large windows in this dining area provide a breathtaking view and ample light during the day. For extra illumination – vital for evening events – I used a rustic chandelier and candles, as well as lamps and other supplemental lighting.

The solid wood table comfortably sits 10 people, and the wood design fits in with the interior’s mountain style. Good seating invites guests to savor the meal and helps stimulate conversation. I also left a generous amount of open space around the table for easy navigation.

For the best in mountain home interiors, contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today. We can help you achieve a kitchen and dining room design that will allow you to easily host dinner parties your guests’ won’t forget.

Prepping Your Powder Room

Sometimes, a powder room is treated only in terms of its function as an extra bathroom. However, since guests often frequent this space, aesthetic appeal is very important. I always keep this in mind when designing these hidden jewels.

Powder rooms in mountain homes can easily reflect a warm, inviting style. Here, a stonewall offers rustic luxury that’s enhanced by a wood vanity. A touch of greenery atop the vanity brings a splash of color, while a mirror flanked by two decorative lights makes the room feel open and airy.

Although a powder room may be small, lavish design elements used inside and out can make a big statement. For this mountain home’s powder room, I added an ornately carved doorframe to draw the eye and add the right amount of rustic appeal. Upon opening the door, the elegant vanity, mirror and fixtures are immediately revealed.

One way to make a small powder room feel more welcoming is to add decor that represents nature. Earth tones, leaf and branch patterns can easily fit into a mountain home’s signature look. These, combined with natural wood finishes, bring the rich aesthetic of mountain landscapes indoors.

While earth tone palettes are used in many rustic style powder rooms, no two rooms look alike. The combination of colors and this vanity style has a tremendous impact on the room’s appearance. Since the vanity is the most prominent feature in the powder room, I choose them carefully. This one has clean lines that fit seamlessly into the powder room’s corner. Despite its position, the vanity’s style and colors remain interesting, while the mirror and candelabra enhance the mountain aesthetic.

Often, small rooms lack space for many decorative elements. Here, we chose a vanity that makes a design statement on its own. Heavy wood keeps the vanity grounded, while the mirror above enlarges the space. The rustic candelabrum above maintains the room’s design flow.

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