Play Time: Kid-Friendly Bedrooms

Does your child dread being told it’s time for bed? Maybe it’s ripe time to rethink your child’s bedroom design. With the help of a professional, your kid’s bedroom can be strategically designed to create a space that both you and your child love.

Whether its animals, cowboys or astronauts, one thing I try to do when designing kids’ rooms is to incorporate motifs that parallel their favorite childhood fantasies. Once I know the child will love it, I make sure the parents will love it, too. From carefully selected palettes to built-in features with smart storage, I always find ways to make staying tidy easier, while also making sure to maintain an air of sophistication that will complement the rest of the home.

I thoughtfully designed this kid’s room with a symmetrical layout to maximize floor space for playing, while discouraging messiness and clutter. Custom-designed bunk beds with cubbies for each child not only create a neat aesthetic, but also help to keep belongings off the floor.

These bunk beds may look plain at first glance, but kids love having their own special, built-in drawers for their favorite toys. A rough-hewn finish was added to the wooden bunk beds to create a rustic feel that would match the home’s style and decor.

I designed these custom bunk beds with decorative touches to add charm and playfulness to this room for a family with little girls. The bunk beds not only add beautiful style the girls and parents both love, but they also make it fun and easy to have friends sleep over, which the girls especially love!

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