Geometric Rugs Add Depth and Dimension to Desert Homes

I love adding rugs in interior designs for their practical and aesthetic appeal. A rug muffles sound, adds comfort underfoot and increases textural interest in designs. A rug’s pattern can also emphasize a design style, as shown here in these Southwestern-inspired rooms.

southwestern interior designer

This rug serves many design purposes. It defines the conversation area and pulls the room together, while the dynamic pattern enhances the room’s Southwestern vibe. While this space is rich in colors and textures, the rug doesn’t feel too busy because its soft blue, taupe and rust colors harmonize with the fireplace and mantel, the focal point of the room. The unified effect of these design elements is peaceful, warm and rustic.

southwestern interior designer

Here, we chose a rug with a dark red-brown, gold, black and cream palette, as well as a bold Southwestern geometric pattern. It has a more modern appearance than the previous rug, in both style and texture, which blends well with the contemporary feel of the room. All of the rug’s colors are represented in the chic square coffee table, which helps to connect the room’s design features and create cohesion. Such a bold and active pattern wouldn’t suit some rooms. However, with neutral walls and flooring, plus the solid-colored armchairs, the rug adds the right degree of warmth and interest.

southwestern interior designer

One thing that I find inspiring about working with patterned rugs is that there are so many colors and styles. A beautiful rug really can make or break a room. This rug’s main colors are desert rose and black, which complement the love seats. While the pattern has enough character to add Southwestern appeal, notice that it doesn’t overwhelm the wall art. Both coexist in the space without a sense of discord. Other colors in the rug, plus the symmetry, are also represented throughout this conversation area, creating soft, comfortable visual harmony.

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A New Look at the Modern Southwestern Style

When some people think of Southwestern style interior design, they might picture design elements such as Navajo tapestries, rustic wood furniture, adobe walls and cow skulls. While these features are commonly used in rustic renderings of this style, Southwestern design as a whole is much more versatile. There are many subtle ways to add touches of the Southwest to your home, and I often use this approach to contemporize spaces with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

southwestern interior designer

In this open plan home I designed, wood and stone architectural features add earthy, organic qualities, but the space is clearly modern. To imbue some Southwestern charm, we added chairs upholstered in an updated geometric Southwestern pattern, a contemporary sculpture in the colors of a desert sunset and small decorative touches throughout for additional visual hints. While there are no bold Southwestern accents, the feeling is nevertheless congruent with a modern Southwestern style.

southwestern interior designer

This is the same home viewed from a different vantage point. The color palette contains gold, beige and other hues that bring to mind sand, adobe and other elements you might find in the desert Southwest. The wall art on the far left side of this hall is rich with pink, gold tan and grey with a dash of turquoise. While the painting is stylized and contemporary, the colors evoke desert horizons.

southwestern interior designer

Here the Southwestern style is more obvious, but the look remains ultra modern. The room’s color palette is rich with saturated harvest tones, while a collection of Southwestern style pottery and some adobe-like shelves imbue the room with Old World charm. I chose a patterned textile for the furniture pieces and completed the design with a uniquely patterned rug. Other elements, such as framed wall art and a potted green plant, add a pop of color for extra visual interest. This Southwestern room contains a uniquely contemporary appeal.

If you desire unique Southwestern interior designs with a contemporary twist, we can help turn your vision into reality. Contact us today at Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more about our interior design services.

Increase Visual Interest with Patterned Upholstery

Like color, texture can enrich interior designs by adding visual interest. This is especially true with Southwestern design, which often features neutral color palettes. I often use textiles with a sturdy weave or a Southwestern-inspired pattern to give this unique style an extra boost of interest. The color and texture of certain upholstery can affect a room’s aesthetic in many ways, which I’ve demonstrated in a couple of my own designs below.

southwestern interior designer

This room is rich in textures, which are readily apparent in the flooring, natural wood grain, smooth stone tabletop and the cacti plant. I wanted to add color without overwhelming the space, so I chose a bold and colorful pattern for the chair and ottoman, keeping the fabric smooth. The weave of the seating in the foreground is more visible, but the solid neutral color keeps the look balanced.

southwestern interior designer

If you want to add Southwestern style to your interior, but your home’s architecture isn’t traditionally Southwestern, you needn’t worry. Southwestern flair can be added with just a few additions to your existing decor, and this room is a good example of that. We kept most of the seating in a solid, neutral color. Sturdy woven fabrics set the stage for the addition of colorful throw pillows. The neighboring chairs are smoother, but are covered with a subtle Southwestern pattern. With all of these decorative elements combined, the result is a chic, contemporary design with just the right amount of desert influence.

southwestern interior designer

This is another open plan space with contemporary architectural elements. Organic features, such as the natural stone slab, the firewood and tiles, add rustic appeal. We used an earth tone color palette throughout the space, but the room required more to achieve an authentic Southwestern atmosphere. The desert-inspired upholstery adds the necessary touch to complete the room’s ambience. Tiles, stone and metal design features can feel cold and unwelcoming without the balancing presence of warm textiles.

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Warm Up Your Home with Rustic Wood Walls

When you imagine a room decked out with wood paneled walls, do you envision an outdated ‘70s space? Well, maybe you should think again. It’s 2014 and wood walls have come a long way in the past 40-plus years! In order to avoid an old fashion look, balance is the key. My team here at Paula Berg Design Associates has incorporated wood in a number of projects, making it a versatile accent that creates a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

Break up the monotony of a plain wood wall by accenting it with an outstanding piece of art. A pretty landscape painting completes this intimate, traditional style living room. Depending on your own preference, many other art styles could either complement or contrast a wood wall, including abstract, contemporary or even a bold photograph.

Wood interiors pair magnificently well with bold, natural colors. This dining table, garnished with decadent fall colors, couldn’t be a better match for the light wood panels surrounding it. It’s very reminiscent of Thanksgiving. What better way to get the family gathered around the table more often?

Rooms with wood walls require lots of natural sunlight. Although this room is showcased at night, you can easily imagine just how bright this space would look during the day. Don’t become too reliant on natural light, though. Notice how the overhead fixtures brighten the space once the sun sets.

Why limit yourself to just wood walls. Look up, and apply that same design aesthetic to the ceiling! Often thought of as the fifth wall, the ceiling is a surface with infinite design possibilities. Located just above this seating area, the ceiling does a great job of topping off a cozy little conversation nook.

The wood panel backdrop here makes for the perfect complement to a simple tree branch headboard. And the horizontal positioning of the panels makes it an unexpected feature. The antlers really play up the rustic experience in this room, too.

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Wall Sconces for Every Room

I appreciate sconces for their beauty and exceptional versatility. As wall-mounted fixtures, they save space while also functioning as task, accent and ambient lighting. Sconces offer illumination, while enhancing any design style. They can even be used for mitigating architectural problems, such as shadowy nooks.

These sconces remind me of candleholders. I chose them for their Old World charm, which parallels the aesthetic flavor of the painting they illuminate. Their position above the mantel, flanking the wall art, provides visual balance. Their warm light is soothing during daylight and offers a dramatic glow after the sunsets.

The design of these sconces mirrors the bold furniture below. They help lift the line of sight, illuminating, as well as visually centering the small sculpture of a woman. Thanks to this effect, she is showcased rather than overwhelmed by the detailed elements of the “stage” upon which she sits.

Most kitchens benefit from extra lighting, and this one was no exception. I added these sconces to brighten the cupboard and hutch area, which otherwise might fall under shadow in the evenings. The soft glow lends warmth to balance the white and stainless steel, and the sconces’ lampshade style adds a homey touch.

This bathroom called for vanity lighting that was practical and beautiful. These wall sconces lend the right amount of light around the mirror, perfect for grooming tasks. They also add plenty of ambient lighting in this spa-like bathroom.

Whether you need lighting design help or comprehensive design help for one room or your whole home, I can help. Contact me anytime at Paula Berg Design Associates to schedule a consultation.

Unique Light Fixtures Add Rustic Charm to Mountain Homes

Light fixtures in living rooms and dining rooms should go beyond simply achieving the perfect balance of task, ambient and accent lighting. They should work overtime to create focal points and enhance the overall design through rich textures, interesting details and architectural appeal.

When it comes to designing luxury mountain homes — one of my specialties — I always try to find or commission one-of-a-kind rustic fixtures that elevate the space and make a statement through rugged materials, unique shapes and awe-inspiring craftsmanship to bring the outdoors in.

I absolutely love the double-tier rawhide and steel chandelier I used for this luxurious log cabin. The silhouette is so elegant, but the materials still ensure a truly rustic look. Gorgeous details can be found throughout the fixture in the form of a leaf and branch motif.

I knew as soon as I saw this antler chandelier that it would be the perfect centerpiece for a cozy living room. The artfully arranged antlers add stunning sculptural interest, and the rustic design expands to the shades, which feature delicate landscape etchings.

Thanks to soaring ceilings and the clients’ request for an authentic, rustic home, I was able to go all out with the light fixture in this grandeur dining room. I had a chandelier custom-made to feature an evergreen scene that would complement the natural log columns, while doubling as a work of art.

This stunning dining area needed a light fixture that was equally sophisticated, while also subtly continuing the rustic theme. I was able to achieve both with this seemingly traditional chandelier with intricate leaf embellishments.

I chose this dramatic chandelier because of the way it contrasts with the warm woods, while echoing the copper and steel hearth surround in this rustic dining room. I also love the way the individual lanterns add an Old World feel to complete the look.

To see more of my luxury home design work, browse the gallery on my website. When you’re ready to discuss a potential home design project, contact Paula Berg Design Associates online or call 435.655.9443 (Park City) or 480.998.2344 (Scottsdale).


Play Time: Kid-Friendly Bedrooms

Does your child dread being told it’s time for bed? Maybe it’s ripe time to rethink your child’s bedroom design. With the help of a professional, your kid’s bedroom can be strategically designed to create a space that both you and your child love.

Whether its animals, cowboys or astronauts, one thing I try to do when designing kids’ rooms is to incorporate motifs that parallel their favorite childhood fantasies. Once I know the child will love it, I make sure the parents will love it, too. From carefully selected palettes to built-in features with smart storage, I always find ways to make staying tidy easier, while also making sure to maintain an air of sophistication that will complement the rest of the home.

I thoughtfully designed this kid’s room with a symmetrical layout to maximize floor space for playing, while discouraging messiness and clutter. Custom-designed bunk beds with cubbies for each child not only create a neat aesthetic, but also help to keep belongings off the floor.

These bunk beds may look plain at first glance, but kids love having their own special, built-in drawers for their favorite toys. A rough-hewn finish was added to the wooden bunk beds to create a rustic feel that would match the home’s style and decor.

I designed these custom bunk beds with decorative touches to add charm and playfulness to this room for a family with little girls. The bunk beds not only add beautiful style the girls and parents both love, but they also make it fun and easy to have friends sleep over, which the girls especially love!

Are you designing a kid’s bedroom in your home? Contact Paula Berg Design Associates for a bedroom makeover or other home design projects today.

Placing Sculptures in the Home

An affinity for fine art opens the door to a wide range of design possibilities for elegant and sophisticated interiors. While I love incorporating beautiful paintings and other works of art into interior designs, there are few two-dimensional pieces that can impact a space like a sculpture can.

I love working with Roman and Greek sculptures because of the Classical tone they add to interiors, whether traditional or modern. Not only do they add dimension and drama while accentuating ceiling heights, but they also show off your impeccable taste for timeless works of art.

Here are some of the ways stunning sculptures can impact interiors:

  • Sculptures turn unusable spaces into interesting focal points
  • Sculptures can fill out corners to anchor rooms
  • Sculptures balance visual weight within a space
  • Sculptures can nicely contrast or complement architecture
  • Sculptures add intriguing textures to engage the eye
  • Sculptures add graceful lines, curves and forms
  • Sculptures add emotional drama to interior designs
  • Sculptures tell a story through materials, subject matters or details like facial expressions
  • Sculptures express personality and reflect passions

Foyers, hallways, great rooms, dining rooms and home libraries are among the most common rooms to place sculptures in. Where you place a sculpture will determine its impact and role within a design.

I incorporated a Classical sculpture to add artful sophistication to a traditional dining room with a rustic, European feel. It’s the perfect piece for drawing the eye amidst a sea of rich colors and textures. I love the way the female figure is also subtly framed by the curved staircase. The placement of the sculpture gives this unusable space purpose, while allowing you to experience the sculpture from various angles as you use the stairs to enter or exit the space.

Let me and my design team help you achieve interiors that beautifully showcase your favorite keepsakes, whether it’s a collection of fine art or a treasure of artifacts. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City or Scottsdale online or by phone to begin discussing a potential home remodel or design project.

Contemporary Kitchen Designs Radiate

A unique mixture of materials in a pristine setting of clean lines is often the most distinguishing factor of contemporary designs. When it comes to contemporary kitchens, sleek and high-tech appliances are the final piece of the puzzle.

I love working with clients to create custom contemporary kitchen designs that are cutting edge and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. Here are a couple of my favorite contemporary and modern kitchen designs I’ve worked on in recent years.

I love how we’re able to use contemporary design methods to achieve a timeless, white kitchen design. Each material and accent looks divine against the all-white backdrop. Marble backsplashes make for sophisticated and artful focal points, while stainless steel appliances and glass curio cabinets keep it edgy and sleek. A warm, wooden dining cabinet adds the perfect pinch of charm.

We let natural stone steal the show again for this contemporary kitchen design. White flat-panel cabinetry gives it a modern look that also creates a stunning contrast with the earthy colors and patterns of the stone. Dark hardwood floors provide subtle elegance to tie this design together.

I also love the idea of mix and matching flat-panel cabinetry with traditional cabinetry for a contemporary appeal that’s not too modern. I especially love a neutral palette paired with open glass shelving.

Another popular way to achieve a contemporary look is by using old materials in new ways. For example, yellow glass countertops, illuminated onyx and wood paneling accents combined with modern architecture can create a contemporary design with an eclectic twist.

Whether your style is more traditional, contemporary and modern, or somewhere in between, Paula Berg Design Associates has the skill and experience to create gorgeous custom kitchens and interiors that meet your lifestyle needs, while reflecting your unique and sophisticated sense of style. Contact us in Park City or Scottsdale to begin discussing a potential home design project.

Comfortable Window Seats for Every Room

Who doesn’t love a window seat that takes advantage of a breathtaking view, while adding elegance and functionality? Being able to sit by a window in your home and soak in natural light during the day and a starry night sky after dark is priceless. Plus, a beautiful built-in window unit can be an excellent use of space as it turns an unused area into functional seating for relaxing and entertaining.

A window seat can be custom designed to enhance your quality of life in a variety of ways, depending on where and how its incorporated. Imagine being able to watch the snow pile up outside, while snuggling up in your warm and cozy window seat. Or, picture being able to savor the extra hours of daylight by enjoying a book, while perched on your personal reading nook. I love the idea of designing a window seat where you can watch the sun rise or set every day. What a great way to connect with Mother Earth and recharge your battery, all while in the comfort of your own home.

Window seats are also a wonderful place to retreat to for quiet contemplation or an intimate phone conversation. They can also add functionality by creating a sitting area for conversation with family and friends in the living rooms or great room. As Natalie Myers reminds us, a dreamy window seat can even “provide ample storage or accentuate the architectural elements of the home.”

Here’s a fabulous example of a window seat I designed for one of my clients. When designing this elegant urban dining room, I incorporated built-in bench seating under a stunning row of bay windows to play up the cityscape, while adding functional over-flow seating for guests. I love how it frames the city skyline with eloquent woodworking.

Whether you envision window seats, dramatic fireplaces or other architectural features and interior design touches, my design team can help you realize an artful home design that’s tailored to your personal style and day-to-day needs. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more.