Airy Design – Floating Shelves Décor

There are no rules when it comes to arranging floating shelves. They can be adorned just as much or as little as you’d like. If you get frustrated with cluttered coffee tables and other surfaces, a floating shelf feature at home could be the perfect solution for displaying things without a messy look. Here are some ideas for making your floating shelves stand out:

  • Do you prefer a precise and tidy look? Arranging items on floating shelves by color or stacking books on their side instead of straight up can add visual interest. Books can also lean on shelves without being completely vertical or horizontal.
  • Don’t think that shelves are just for books. Paintings, framed photos, a cherished collection, trophies and even accessories that you can’t quite seem to fit anywhere else can make their home here.
  • Balance is key. Without it, your shelves run the risk of looking either too cluttered or too bare. For example, if you’re displaying a few small items, don’t group them all together. Place some on either side of your floating shelves in opposing spaces.
  • Will your floating shelve be an area that the family has to access often? If so, place heavier items on the lower shelves, so they’re easier to reach. Lighter items can be safely placed up top.

Another way to create balance is with a specific theme or color. In this room I designed, we incorporated plenty of warm earth tones in the mix. Spreading them out adds symmetry to the floating shelves, not to mention the entire room. This is harmony at its best!

You can also take advantage of shape. In the room above, notice how the left shelf houses a long, slim vase that fits the opening perfectly. Even if your tall and short items don’t seem to make sense together, they will once they’re dispersed. It all goes back to balance!

If you think floating shelves would work wonders for your home, Paula Berg Design Associates would love to work with you. Contact one of our studios in Park City or Scottsdale today!