Unique Light Fixtures Add Rustic Charm to Mountain Homes

Light fixtures in living rooms and dining rooms should go beyond simply achieving the perfect balance of task, ambient and accent lighting. They should work overtime to create focal points and enhance the overall design through rich textures, interesting details and architectural appeal.

When it comes to designing luxury mountain homes — one of my specialties — I always try to find or commission one-of-a-kind rustic fixtures that elevate the space and make a statement through rugged materials, unique shapes and awe-inspiring craftsmanship to bring the outdoors in.

I absolutely love the double-tier rawhide and steel chandelier I used for this luxurious log cabin. The silhouette is so elegant, but the materials still ensure a truly rustic look. Gorgeous details can be found throughout the fixture in the form of a leaf and branch motif.

I knew as soon as I saw this antler chandelier that it would be the perfect centerpiece for a cozy living room. The artfully arranged antlers add stunning sculptural interest, and the rustic design expands to the shades, which feature delicate landscape etchings.

Thanks to soaring ceilings and the clients’ request for an authentic, rustic home, I was able to go all out with the light fixture in this grandeur dining room. I had a chandelier custom-made to feature an evergreen scene that would complement the natural log columns, while doubling as a work of art.

This stunning dining area needed a light fixture that was equally sophisticated, while also subtly continuing the rustic theme. I was able to achieve both with this seemingly traditional chandelier with intricate leaf embellishments.

I chose this dramatic chandelier because of the way it contrasts with the warm woods, while echoing the copper and steel hearth surround in this rustic dining room. I also love the way the individual lanterns add an Old World feel to complete the look.

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