Prepping Your Powder Room

Sometimes, a powder room is treated only in terms of its function as an extra bathroom. However, since guests often frequent this space, aesthetic appeal is very important. I always keep this in mind when designing these hidden jewels.

Powder rooms in mountain homes can easily reflect a warm, inviting style. Here, a stonewall offers rustic luxury that’s enhanced by a wood vanity. A touch of greenery atop the vanity brings a splash of color, while a mirror flanked by two decorative lights makes the room feel open and airy.

Although a powder room may be small, lavish design elements used inside and out can make a big statement. For this mountain home’s powder room, I added an ornately carved doorframe to draw the eye and add the right amount of rustic appeal. Upon opening the door, the elegant vanity, mirror and fixtures are immediately revealed.

One way to make a small powder room feel more welcoming is to add decor that represents nature. Earth tones, leaf and branch patterns can easily fit into a mountain home’s signature look. These, combined with natural wood finishes, bring the rich aesthetic of mountain landscapes indoors.

While earth tone palettes are used in many rustic style powder rooms, no two rooms look alike. The combination of colors and this vanity style has a tremendous impact on the room’s appearance. Since the vanity is the most prominent feature in the powder room, I choose them carefully. This one has clean lines that fit seamlessly into the powder room’s corner. Despite its position, the vanity’s style and colors remain interesting, while the mirror and candelabra enhance the mountain aesthetic.

Often, small rooms lack space for many decorative elements. Here, we chose a vanity that makes a design statement on its own. Heavy wood keeps the vanity grounded, while the mirror above enlarges the space. The rustic candelabrum above maintains the room’s design flow.

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