Wall Sconces for Every Room

I appreciate sconces for their beauty and exceptional versatility. As wall-mounted fixtures, they save space while also functioning as task, accent and ambient lighting. Sconces offer illumination, while enhancing any design style. They can even be used for mitigating architectural problems, such as shadowy nooks.

These sconces remind me of candleholders. I chose them for their Old World charm, which parallels the aesthetic flavor of the painting they illuminate. Their position above the mantel, flanking the wall art, provides visual balance. Their warm light is soothing during daylight and offers a dramatic glow after the sunsets.

The design of these sconces mirrors the bold furniture below. They help lift the line of sight, illuminating, as well as visually centering the small sculpture of a woman. Thanks to this effect, she is showcased rather than overwhelmed by the detailed elements of the “stage” upon which she sits.

Most kitchens benefit from extra lighting, and this one was no exception. I added these sconces to brighten the cupboard and hutch area, which otherwise might fall under shadow in the evenings. The soft glow lends warmth to balance the white and stainless steel, and the sconces’ lampshade style adds a homey touch.

This bathroom called for vanity lighting that was practical and beautiful. These wall sconces lend the right amount of light around the mirror, perfect for grooming tasks. They also add plenty of ambient lighting in this spa-like bathroom.

Whether you need lighting design help or comprehensive design help for one room or your whole home, I can help. Contact me anytime at Paula Berg Design Associates to schedule a consultation.

Elegant Fireplaces for Luxury Master Bathrooms

Most parts of the U.S. have experienced a brutal winter so far this year. While we may not have been snowed in or gotten caught in the arctic front, that doesn’t mean those of us out west don’t like to come home to a toasty retreat after a long day’s work.

Is a luxurious and relaxing master bathroom makeover on your radar? Placing a fireplace in this unconventional space is the ultimate feature that’ll warm you up in no time. Adding a hearth in the bathroom is a calming feature that allows you to unwind, de-stress and collect your thoughts. Not only is it visually appealing, but it will stimulate your other senses as well. The sound of crackling flames and the woodsy, smoky aroma of logs burning will all contribute to an hour or two of rest and relaxation.

This is just one of many bathrooms from our portfolio. It evokes a charming Old World feel, and the fireplace helps to enhance that aura. Stacked stone, a handsome copper freestanding tub and a beautiful Oriental rug complete the look. The mix of natural materials like wood and stone really bring this space to life.

Another great feature of this bathroom is its lack of symmetry. Many master bathrooms are designed with a predictable, perfectly equal his and hers sections. Here, our bathroom still exemplifies balance with the vanity, fireplace and tub all taking up equal thirds of the entire space.

With a fireplace in your bathroom, extreme weather and freezing temperatures are no concern of yours. Paula Berg Design Associates would be happy to design a space that goes beyond your wildest dreams. We have two studios located in Park City, UT and Scottsdale, AZ. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your ordinary bathroom into a toasty, year-round retreat!