Placing Sculptures in the Home

An affinity for fine art opens the door to a wide range of design possibilities for elegant and sophisticated interiors. While I love incorporating beautiful paintings and other works of art into interior designs, there are few two-dimensional pieces that can impact a space like a sculpture can.

I love working with Roman and Greek sculptures because of the Classical tone they add to interiors, whether traditional or modern. Not only do they add dimension and drama while accentuating ceiling heights, but they also show off your impeccable taste for timeless works of art.

Here are some of the ways stunning sculptures can impact interiors:

  • Sculptures turn unusable spaces into interesting focal points
  • Sculptures can fill out corners to anchor rooms
  • Sculptures balance visual weight within a space
  • Sculptures can nicely contrast or complement architecture
  • Sculptures add intriguing textures to engage the eye
  • Sculptures add graceful lines, curves and forms
  • Sculptures add emotional drama to interior designs
  • Sculptures tell a story through materials, subject matters or details like facial expressions
  • Sculptures express personality and reflect passions

Foyers, hallways, great rooms, dining rooms and home libraries are among the most common rooms to place sculptures in. Where you place a sculpture will determine its impact and role within a design.

I incorporated a Classical sculpture to add artful sophistication to a traditional dining room with a rustic, European feel. It’s the perfect piece for drawing the eye amidst a sea of rich colors and textures. I love the way the female figure is also subtly framed by the curved staircase. The placement of the sculpture gives this unusable space purpose, while allowing you to experience the sculpture from various angles as you use the stairs to enter or exit the space.

Let me and my design team help you achieve interiors that beautifully showcase your favorite keepsakes, whether it’s a collection of fine art or a treasure of artifacts. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City or Scottsdale online or by phone to begin discussing a potential home remodel or design project.