Placing Sculptures in the Home

An affinity for fine art opens the door to a wide range of design possibilities for elegant and sophisticated interiors. While I love incorporating beautiful paintings and other works of art into interior designs, there are few two-dimensional pieces that can impact a space like a sculpture can.

I love working with Roman and Greek sculptures because of the Classical tone they add to interiors, whether traditional or modern. Not only do they add dimension and drama while accentuating ceiling heights, but they also show off your impeccable taste for timeless works of art.

Here are some of the ways stunning sculptures can impact interiors:

  • Sculptures turn unusable spaces into interesting focal points
  • Sculptures can fill out corners to anchor rooms
  • Sculptures balance visual weight within a space
  • Sculptures can nicely contrast or complement architecture
  • Sculptures add intriguing textures to engage the eye
  • Sculptures add graceful lines, curves and forms
  • Sculptures add emotional drama to interior designs
  • Sculptures tell a story through materials, subject matters or details like facial expressions
  • Sculptures express personality and reflect passions

Foyers, hallways, great rooms, dining rooms and home libraries are among the most common rooms to place sculptures in. Where you place a sculpture will determine its impact and role within a design.

I incorporated a Classical sculpture to add artful sophistication to a traditional dining room with a rustic, European feel. It’s the perfect piece for drawing the eye amidst a sea of rich colors and textures. I love the way the female figure is also subtly framed by the curved staircase. The placement of the sculpture gives this unusable space purpose, while allowing you to experience the sculpture from various angles as you use the stairs to enter or exit the space.

Let me and my design team help you achieve interiors that beautifully showcase your favorite keepsakes, whether it’s a collection of fine art or a treasure of artifacts. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City or Scottsdale online or by phone to begin discussing a potential home remodel or design project.

Comfortable Window Seats for Every Room

Who doesn’t love a window seat that takes advantage of a breathtaking view, while adding elegance and functionality? Being able to sit by a window in your home and soak in natural light during the day and a starry night sky after dark is priceless. Plus, a beautiful built-in window unit can be an excellent use of space as it turns an unused area into functional seating for relaxing and entertaining.

A window seat can be custom designed to enhance your quality of life in a variety of ways, depending on where and how its incorporated. Imagine being able to watch the snow pile up outside, while snuggling up in your warm and cozy window seat. Or, picture being able to savor the extra hours of daylight by enjoying a book, while perched on your personal reading nook. I love the idea of designing a window seat where you can watch the sun rise or set every day. What a great way to connect with Mother Earth and recharge your battery, all while in the comfort of your own home.

Window seats are also a wonderful place to retreat to for quiet contemplation or an intimate phone conversation. They can also add functionality by creating a sitting area for conversation with family and friends in the living rooms or great room. As Natalie Myers reminds us, a dreamy window seat can even “provide ample storage or accentuate the architectural elements of the home.”

Here’s a fabulous example of a window seat I designed for one of my clients. When designing this elegant urban dining room, I incorporated built-in bench seating under a stunning row of bay windows to play up the cityscape, while adding functional over-flow seating for guests. I love how it frames the city skyline with eloquent woodworking.

Whether you envision window seats, dramatic fireplaces or other architectural features and interior design touches, my design team can help you realize an artful home design that’s tailored to your personal style and day-to-day needs. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more.

Host a Dinner to Remember

Sharing a delicious meal and warm conversations can create fond memories to last a lifetime. This is only one of the reasons why dinner parties are so popular and why attention is paid to hosting the perfect one. The right kitchen and dining room design is essential for such events, which is why I’ve combined both aesthetic and functional appeal in these designs to facilitate the best experience for hosts and guests.

An ideal kitchen bar has ample space for creating cocktails and convenient storage for all related supplies, including glassware. I designed this one with those features in mind and made sure that it was accessible, yet separate from other kitchen and dining areas. This layout permits drink preparation to be unhindered by other kitchen activities. The absence of doors is practical, as it’s difficult to navigate a door when carrying drinks to a dining area. Plus, this layout promotes a seamless feeling to the design.

Floating shelves and glass-front cabinetry provide a place to display fine drink ware, while closed cabinetry below provide sufficient storage for blenders, bottles and other similar items. Installing lights beneath the top cabinetry helps illuminate the countertop, offering plenty of lighting where it’s needed.

The dining area should be easy to access from the kitchen bar, and it should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. While I add unique elements to each space, I make sure to maintain design continuity and stay true to the home’s style.

Large windows in this dining area provide a breathtaking view and ample light during the day. For extra illumination – vital for evening events – I used a rustic chandelier and candles, as well as lamps and other supplemental lighting.

The solid wood table comfortably sits 10 people, and the wood design fits in with the interior’s mountain style. Good seating invites guests to savor the meal and helps stimulate conversation. I also left a generous amount of open space around the table for easy navigation.

For the best in mountain home interiors, contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today. We can help you achieve a kitchen and dining room design that will allow you to easily host dinner parties your guests’ won’t forget.

Unique Credenzas Add Interest to Formal Dining Areas

Is there a room in your home that could use an interesting focal point? Adding a smart, multi-functional piece like a credenza can add not only style and function, but also extra storage just where you need it most.

Contrary to popular belief, a credenza isn’t the same thing as a buffet. It’s a rather wide set of cabinets that sit low to the floor on slim legs, sometimes with sliding doors. Here’s just one way a credenza can complete the look and feel of your rustic mountain home.

This room is ideal on so many levels. The dining room strikes a happy medium with handsome, strong furniture and wood finishes adorned by a simple floral arrangement and two pretty landscapes scenes on the wall and, of course, on the surface of the credenza.

If you focus on just the credenza, you’ll begin to realize just how powerful this one piece of furniture is. As a strong focal point, it doesn’t overwhelm the room. It fits perfectly up against the wall as if it was built specifically for this spot. It’s rare to find a piece that sits so snugly!

From dinner parties to holiday gatherings, the surface of this credenza is a convenient extra tabletop for everything from hors d’oeuvres to drinks and condiments. For families that prefer mealtime with no distractions, everyone can sit their smartphones and tablets on the credenza until the meal is complete.

This credenza is also the perfect conversation starter. Because of its unique face, guests will surely ask about this one-of-a-kind piece, making for lively conversation at the table. How delightful! When the party’s over, it can store platters and other silverware you may not want on display.

If you’re unsure how unique pieces of furniture can blend into your home, Paula Berg Design Associates can help. Contact our experienced teams in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ to discuss how our expertise can be of service to you!

Buffets – A Homey Addition to Dining Areas

An attractive buffet not only lends functionality to a dining space, it can enhance or even change the appearance and ambiance of a room. I incorporate them often to add the right touch of homey and grounded energy to cozy living spaces.

In this open-concept, mountain-rustic home, I nestled a buffet between two wood support columns that separate the dining room from the rest of the living area. The buffet, along with the subtle steps leading into the dining space, distinguishes the area sufficiently to emulate a private retreat without detracting from the grandness of the home.

Any well-crafted buffet may serve as a visual anchor to a dining space, but this buffet takes the rustic style to new and beautiful heights. The attractive art across the front ties in with the painting placed directly above. The brilliant gold throughout connects with the warm glow of the lamp, the blooms on the table and other gold elements within the room.

The right style of a buffet can also be at home amidst contemporary styles. Here, we kept the lines simple and made sure the buffet blends with other decor elements. It provides unobtrusive function that won’t detract from the large contemporary painting or other works of art.

When buffets are not being used to display food, they provide a place to display decorative items. A stately buffet offers an ideal setting for displaying valuable china and attractive accent lamps.

Built-in buffets link the kitchen and dining areas, which is a practical and attractive way to add visual spaciousness to both rooms, in lieu of an open-concept design. Dishes can quickly be placed directly from the oven onto the buffet – a big time saver and space saver for parties and family gatherings.

Does your dining room fit your personal style? Let my team at Paula Berg Design Associates help you with your design needs. Contact me for a design consultation today.