Stylish Media Room Designs

Better technology means that we have access to more sophisticated entertainment options in the home than ever before. For this reason, media rooms have grown in popularity. When designing these media rooms for mountain style homes, I stayed true to the contemporary rustic flavor, while providing space for the best new technology. Here is an example of how a well-designed media room combines style with function.

A media room need not be hidden away in a basement or spare room. In this open plan home shown below, it connects with an adjacent bar and dining area.

I chose seating with both comfort and beauty in mind and arranged them in a semi-circle to stimulate conversation when the large screen television is off. Extra throw pillows add a colorful and fun touch.

In keeping with the media room theme and mountain style, I used a customized entertainment center with a warm wood finish. The television is placed naturally at the center and at a comfortable eye level. Illuminated compartments surrounding the television provide perfect spaces for displaying valued art, which adds important visual interest to the room when it’s not used for viewing media. The closed cabinetry at the bottom serves as a storage area for the sound system, DVDs, television guides and other related items.

The angle shown below accentuates how roomy this media room really is. Nevertheless, it still retains a sense of intimacy and separateness from the dining area. While the spaces are clearly differentiated, I maintained design cohesion by making sure the wood finishes and furniture styles blended harmoniously.

A scenic view offered by the windows enhances the expansive feeling, while the furniture arrangement and use of natural colors keep everything cozy.

Even in an open plan when the dining area is close by, surfaces to place snacks and beverages are important in a room designed for entertainment. I included a large wood coffee table and an end table for this purpose.

Let us bring you the best in media room design to match your lifestyle. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates today to learn more.

Fresh Floral Arrangements Bring Fresh Style

In the world of interior design, trends come and go all the time. From bold color blocking and shades of gray to Pantone’s Color of the Year, there’s always a new fad that eventually has to make way for something new.

And then there’s florals.

No matter the space, the fresh presence of flowers breathes life into the atmosphere. Whether it’s live blooms in a vase or tucked neatly in a basket, the elegance of classic flowers never goes out of style.

Anyone who opposes the idea of fresh flowers as decor is probably thinking a bit too hard about what can and should be a very simple concept. Sometimes, all it takes is a hint of floral essence to top off a well-designed space. Clean, understated arrangements can help create a surprisingly modern look and feel. Allow some of our projects to demonstrate what this means.

Should you add florals in an unexpected space? Absolutely! This very handsome bar nook is characterized by dark chocolate wood finishes and a neutral color scheme. However, touch of femininity can always make even the most macho of spaces a little more interesting.

This thin sculpture of a floral arrangement makes a huge statement. Notice how the white bloom contrasts so nicely with the floral painting in the background.

Oftentimes, floral arrangements are so distinct that less really is more. This clean, zen-like bathroom only needs a hint of natural flair.

Another way to use florals in decor is to make them the statement piece in a sea of neutral, earthy tones. The eye is naturally drawn to this coffee table where the only impression of color is the greenery.

This small yet bold floral arrangement is the perfect contrast to what lies just outside the window — the hard coldness of concrete. Here, a space heavily defined by straight lines is slightly softened with florals.

Let Paula Berg Design Associates help enhance the aesthetic of your mountain home with florals and other natural elements. Contact one of our design teams in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today!

Bold Floral Prints for Your Luxury Home

Spring is on the horizon and that can only mean one thing — floral prints! Many homeowners cringe at the thought of florals in the home, but these prints don’t have to be present in every nook and cranny of every room. In fact, we’d advise against that. However, there are many modern ways to bring the energy of florals into your home without making your design look dated.

This blue and white room screams coastal, nautical New England. It smartly showcases a fresh design technique that’s not easily approached, like mixing and matching floral prints. Although the colors are identical, there are a few different floral patterns co-mingling in this single space. The trick here is careful coordination, not outright duplication. Lastly, this seaside inspired space is proof that you can have a mountain style home with influence from other regions!

Here is a more understated example of how you can still pay homage to the floral patterns you so desperately crave. The window treatments, pillows and chairs all share the same print, but it’s not overwhelming given the totality of this large breakfast nook. If you’re worried about overpowering a room with too much color or pattern, err on the side of caution by using florals to accessorize here and there.

There are lots of other ways to incorporate bold floral patterns that’ll bring wonderful energy and vibrant colors to any space. Flower power can be achieved with everything from wallpaper, China and dinnerware to artwork, table linens and other accessories.

So, what’s your flower obsession? From romantic roses and tulips to funky sunflowers and dainty daisies, Paula Berg Design Associates can bring life, color and interest to your luxury mountain home. Contact one of our offices in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ to speak with our team about your home’s design needs!

Create a Private Outdoor Escape

Blurred lines are the name of the game when it comes to your home’s outdoor escape. Now more than ever, homeowners just like you are realizing the potential that lies just outside the back door. Porches, patios, sunrooms, decks and balconies are just a few of the possibilities that’ll take your outdoor space to the next level, even if you’re surrounded by mountain peaks.

There are multiple features that can add life and enjoyment to your extra square footage outside. Pools and other water features, fire pits and gazebos — the list goes on and on. Let’s take a look at some specific (and inspiring) examples.

Here, there’s plenty of possibility for both fun in the sun and relaxation in the cool shade. The patio table and umbrella make it easy to enjoy the scenery without the risk of sunburn or too much discomfort. With this set up, outdoor entertaining couldn’t be easier. There’s plenty of seating, comfy pillows and shade.

Bright pillows achieve something that you don’t often see in mountain style homes — a touch of Bohemian tropical flair. In this bungalow style cabana, lounging after a swim is strongly encouraged and highly recommended. Are we in Mexico? It sure looks and feels like it!

No traditional mountain home would be complete without wood, and lots of it! Here, the bar, chairs, side table, ceiling, window frames and wall shelving unit are all made of this lovely natural material.

What’s admirable about all three of these spaces is that they each, in their own unique way, extend from the inside out. Each outdoor oasis allows these homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds. They all beckon you to come inside (or out) with bare feet and a cold glass of lemonade.

It’s time for the interior of your home to extend outdoors and enhance your mountain home’s overall aesthetic appeal. If you’re located near Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ, get in touch with our team at Paula Berg Design Associates!

Truly Indoor/Outdoor Rooms

Does an open, airy home sound like just a dream? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Homes that successfully and beautifully connect the indoors with what’s outside are expansive and leave little need for you to go elsewhere for relaxation and fun. Let’s go ahead and dive into a room I designed that immaculately represents this trend.

If you’ve ever wondered how to add value to your home, the answer is pictured right here. Although the concept of blending indoor and outdoor spaces is no new phenomenon, it never gets old. When it comes to entertaining guests or just enjoying time with your family, a seamless open floor plan like this is the perfect solution.

When a wall or window is in place, it sends a very specific message: “This is inside. That’s outside.” So here, the absence of an obvious door or wall is a strategic design mechanism. It allows everyone to easily flow in and out of the home without much thought. There’s no bothersome door to constantly open and close. There’s nothing to obstruct the view or the good time to be had. You can see how modern home design lends a hand in blurring your interior with Mother Nature.

The beauty of these two spaces is that you give yourself options. Some people prefer to remain in indoors, while others don’t mind taking in nature’s heat. Either way, everyone can enjoy a comfortable environment. In this open space, the festivities can be enjoyed from anywhere, ensuring that no one misses out on the fun!

Paula Berg Design Associates would be honored to customize an indoor/outdoor room for your mountain home. We encourage you to contact our team of experts in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ to speak with us about your design needs!

Kitchen Chandeliers Dazzle and Shine

If you believe that chandeliers are only for dining rooms, think again. As families spend more time in the kitchen, the need for more intricate lighting options comes into play. Although recessed, task and pendant lighting will always have a place in the kitchen, chandeliers are making headway.

The purpose and function of a chandelier in the kitchen goes way beyond being just another source of light. It gives off a sense of individuality, character and charm that other forms of lighting can’t. Even in the plainest of kitchens, a chandelier can take it from drab to fab in an instant.

In this kitchen, the chandelier is perfectly situated, forcing the eye to look up in admiration. Your attention is automatically drawn to the center of the room, which is exactly the visual effect it should have.

Here, the metallic countertop is just one cool kitchen feature. Directly above, this cylinder fixture adds a tasteful finishing touch to this airy, modern space. It also creates a bit of surprise, which can always serve as a conversation starter.

In both kitchens, you’ll notice that lighting is multi-dimensional. While function is a given, flexibility is also a must for homeowners. To meet this desire, several layers of lighting in addition to the chandelier can create the ultimate visual effect.

There are plenty of other reasons you should reconsider hanging a chandelier in your kitchen:

  • For the sake of adding an element of surprise. Much like our cylinder light above, people love design elements they don’t usually see.
  • Are you a history buff? A vintage chandelier could bring a bit of the past into your modern day dwelling.
  • If your kitchen is characterized by lots of solid materials like wood, glass, stainless steel, stone and/or tile, an elegant chandelier could be an ideal way to add a little softness to a hard, masculine kitchen.

I’d love to design a functional kitchen in your home, complete with a stunning chandelier. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates if you’re ready to discuss a potential home design project.

Designing Kitchen Layouts

The kitchen has long been a secluded space. But these days, homeowners want to prepare meals and mingle openly without feeling confined. As such, open-concept kitchens are in high demand. If some privacy is still a must, you’ll be surprised that even the most open kitchens can still leave something to the imagination.

This kitchen is shown twice from different angles. Even if entertaining is a priority, that doesn’t mean you want your kitchen mess on display. And perhaps you don’t want the aroma of your meals to linger long after everyone’s eaten. This kitchen achieves openness, while still managing to hide behind a clever passageway.

This warm and cozy kitchen is all about the island. There’s plenty of counter space to serve goodies, but did you also notice there’s no seating? Guests will get the picture — grab some grub and keep moving.

How about masking just part of the kitchen with a half wall? Here, you can see the living room on the left along with a partial dividing wall. The sink and range are out of view, so guests won’t see you rushing to get the hors d’oeuvres and drinks ready. Still, it’s open enough that if anyone needs help, you’re still easily accessible.

Some think that a closed-concept kitchen is too isolated and doesn’t allow easy access to the main dining area. This diner-style kitchen demonstrates the exact opposite. Much like a trendy cafe, this kitchen is perfect for interacting with friends while whipping up meals.

What’s great about this kitchen is that it combines the concept of open and closed on the sly. The island in the middle creates an illusion of separatism. The host’s space is to the left, while the guests can gather to the right. Although everyone can easily mingle all over the kitchen, the island helps to keep both parties in their own zones.

Which kitchen concept is right for you? It’s all about you and your family’s needs. Paula Berg Design Associates would be happy to help you design your future kitchen.