Contemporary Kitchen Designs Radiate

A unique mixture of materials in a pristine setting of clean lines is often the most distinguishing factor of contemporary designs. When it comes to contemporary kitchens, sleek and high-tech appliances are the final piece of the puzzle.

I love working with clients to create custom contemporary kitchen designs that are cutting edge and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. Here are a couple of my favorite contemporary and modern kitchen designs I’ve worked on in recent years.

I love how we’re able to use contemporary design methods to achieve a timeless, white kitchen design. Each material and accent looks divine against the all-white backdrop. Marble backsplashes make for sophisticated and artful focal points, while stainless steel appliances and glass curio cabinets keep it edgy and sleek. A warm, wooden dining cabinet adds the perfect pinch of charm.

We let natural stone steal the show again for this contemporary kitchen design. White flat-panel cabinetry gives it a modern look that also creates a stunning contrast with the earthy colors and patterns of the stone. Dark hardwood floors provide subtle elegance to tie this design together.

I also love the idea of mix and matching flat-panel cabinetry with traditional cabinetry for a contemporary appeal that’s not too modern. I especially love a neutral palette paired with open glass shelving.

Another popular way to achieve a contemporary look is by using old materials in new ways. For example, yellow glass countertops, illuminated onyx and wood paneling accents combined with modern architecture can create a contemporary design with an eclectic twist.

Whether your style is more traditional, contemporary and modern, or somewhere in between, Paula Berg Design Associates has the skill and experience to create gorgeous custom kitchens and interiors that meet your lifestyle needs, while reflecting your unique and sophisticated sense of style. Contact us in Park City or Scottsdale to begin discussing a potential home design project.

Enjoy Double the Entertainment with Double the Islands

The importance of a functional and beautiful kitchen design increases substantially for anyone who loves to entertain guests. A popular feature in the kitchen has long been the island. In many instances, however, I use not one, but two islands to increase functionality in my mountain home designs.

Double islands offer additional countertop and storage space. Anyone who entertains frequently knows how important it is to have designated spots for serving pieces, silverware, extra dinnerware and other miscellaneous items and ingredients to keep guests happy. Good storage solutions keep everything conveniently at hand and will even prevent moments of last-minute panic when you can’t find something you need. Sufficient counter space is also helpful when you’re preparing food for a large gathering.

Having different workstations is also very helpful for workflow. One island can be used for chopping and mixing ingredients, while the other can be used as a temporary holding place for cooked dishes.

I believe that busy rooms such as kitchens should always be easy to navigate. By arranging double islands wisely, they provide the same surface area as one large island without hindering the flow of foot traffic. A two-island layout creates a clear path and allows for easy movement throughout the kitchen.

Style-wise, double islands can offer additional visual interest. I could have used the same style and wood finish for both islands, but installing a darker one adds more visual appeal. Since the ceiling is higher above the darker island, there’s a visual weight that keeps the design anchored and balanced.

Another reason I encourage adding double islands is that they allow a host to work unimpeded. Guests are inevitably drawn to the kitchen, especially when delicious aromas begin to permeate the air. An additional island gives guests a place to gather and enjoy a beverage or appetizer while you’re cooking.

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Gather Friends & Family at the Kitchen Island

When designing kitchens for frequent cooks, I like to add elements that make preparing meals and entertaining easier and more stylish than ever. A kitchen island is one of the most important features in a contemporary kitchen, and today I’d like to highlight their unique value.

This island/table combination offers generous space for preparing meals or displaying finished dishes. Round or curving tables seat people more comfortably than rectangular or square tables, and this one creates a sense of intimacy. The beautiful custom design makes this island perfect for hosting an informal dinner or festive spring brunch.

I left ample open space behind the chairs to offer plenty of clearance. This way, guests can easily exit the table without tripping over each other or bumping into appliances. For big parties, the chairs can be moved elsewhere and the table used as a designated area for hors d’oeuvres, beverages or desserts. The ample counter space is the perfect spot to place main dishes as well.

Bi-level islands, like this one, are ideal when you want an island/bar combination for casual entertaining or a place for breakfast. The lower food preparation surface is set closest to kitchen appliances, and the bar faces the rest of the room. This creates a separation between the kitchen work area and the dining areas, while keeping the space open and welcoming. If you entertain frequently, you know that guests tend to congregate in the kitchen. This layout offers them a place to watch and converse with the cook, while remaining out of the way. The built-in sink’s location on the opposite side of the island means that the host need not turn away from guests while washing produce or cleaning up.

Bi-level islands also offer practical food prep areas set at an appropriate height, while the bar is elevated, which adds visual interest to the kitchen design and helps differentiate the eating and drinking section of the island.

I love designing kitchens and would love to help you discover the best style for your needs. Contact me at Paula Berg Design Associates to learn more about our services.

Host a Dinner to Remember

Sharing a delicious meal and warm conversations can create fond memories to last a lifetime. This is only one of the reasons why dinner parties are so popular and why attention is paid to hosting the perfect one. The right kitchen and dining room design is essential for such events, which is why I’ve combined both aesthetic and functional appeal in these designs to facilitate the best experience for hosts and guests.

An ideal kitchen bar has ample space for creating cocktails and convenient storage for all related supplies, including glassware. I designed this one with those features in mind and made sure that it was accessible, yet separate from other kitchen and dining areas. This layout permits drink preparation to be unhindered by other kitchen activities. The absence of doors is practical, as it’s difficult to navigate a door when carrying drinks to a dining area. Plus, this layout promotes a seamless feeling to the design.

Floating shelves and glass-front cabinetry provide a place to display fine drink ware, while closed cabinetry below provide sufficient storage for blenders, bottles and other similar items. Installing lights beneath the top cabinetry helps illuminate the countertop, offering plenty of lighting where it’s needed.

The dining area should be easy to access from the kitchen bar, and it should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. While I add unique elements to each space, I make sure to maintain design continuity and stay true to the home’s style.

Large windows in this dining area provide a breathtaking view and ample light during the day. For extra illumination – vital for evening events – I used a rustic chandelier and candles, as well as lamps and other supplemental lighting.

The solid wood table comfortably sits 10 people, and the wood design fits in with the interior’s mountain style. Good seating invites guests to savor the meal and helps stimulate conversation. I also left a generous amount of open space around the table for easy navigation.

For the best in mountain home interiors, contact Paula Berg Design Associates in Park City, UT or Scottsdale, AZ today. We can help you achieve a kitchen and dining room design that will allow you to easily host dinner parties your guests’ won’t forget.

Kitchen Chandeliers Dazzle and Shine

If you believe that chandeliers are only for dining rooms, think again. As families spend more time in the kitchen, the need for more intricate lighting options comes into play. Although recessed, task and pendant lighting will always have a place in the kitchen, chandeliers are making headway.

The purpose and function of a chandelier in the kitchen goes way beyond being just another source of light. It gives off a sense of individuality, character and charm that other forms of lighting can’t. Even in the plainest of kitchens, a chandelier can take it from drab to fab in an instant.

In this kitchen, the chandelier is perfectly situated, forcing the eye to look up in admiration. Your attention is automatically drawn to the center of the room, which is exactly the visual effect it should have.

Here, the metallic countertop is just one cool kitchen feature. Directly above, this cylinder fixture adds a tasteful finishing touch to this airy, modern space. It also creates a bit of surprise, which can always serve as a conversation starter.

In both kitchens, you’ll notice that lighting is multi-dimensional. While function is a given, flexibility is also a must for homeowners. To meet this desire, several layers of lighting in addition to the chandelier can create the ultimate visual effect.

There are plenty of other reasons you should reconsider hanging a chandelier in your kitchen:

  • For the sake of adding an element of surprise. Much like our cylinder light above, people love design elements they don’t usually see.
  • Are you a history buff? A vintage chandelier could bring a bit of the past into your modern day dwelling.
  • If your kitchen is characterized by lots of solid materials like wood, glass, stainless steel, stone and/or tile, an elegant chandelier could be an ideal way to add a little softness to a hard, masculine kitchen.

I’d love to design a functional kitchen in your home, complete with a stunning chandelier. Contact Paula Berg Design Associates if you’re ready to discuss a potential home design project.